510px-Grand Empress Shek'zeer
I will dispose of the outsiders.
~ Shek'zeer under the Sha of Fear's control.

Grand Empress Shek'zeer was the ruler of the mantid and the main antagonist of the Dread Wastes storyline in the Mists of Pandaria expansion of World of Warcraft.

Corrupted and controlled by the Sha of Fear, Shek'zeer caused the mantid to swarm ten years prematurely and was leading the mantid to ruin. Adventurers were able to revive the Paragons to help the Klaxxi to perform a ritual to dispose of her and allow her successor to take place. However, the ritual failed thanks to the Sha strengthening her and several members of the Klaxxi were killed.

Forced to be more direct, Adventurers invaded the Heart of Fear and fought her most powerful minions before facing her in battle. As the Adventurers were winning, the Sha of Fear demanded that Shek'zeer destroy the invaders and began threatening her.

Shek'zeer was slain in battle, however, and the Sha of Fear fled to the Terrace of Endless Spring.

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