The Grand Highblood is an antagonist in Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck. He is the ancestor of Gamzee Makara and the leader of a subjuggulator cult.

He is the incarnation of Kurloz Makara, and he follows a cult praising Lord English, which is to ensure Caliborn becomes him. After a "scratch", he becomes the terrible ruler known as the Grand Highblood.


The Grand Highblood is a brutish figure who loved to paint his walls in the blood of his victims, most notably a rainbow of blood castes (excluding the mutant blood of the Signless, the fuchsia blood of the head of the troll race, and his own purple). He is a ruthless and sadistic troll, and Gamzee gets most of his traits from the Grand Highblood.


The Grand Highblood is an enormous troll with huge, messy hair. He is obsessed with clowns and paints his face to look like one (although his face paint seems to be more designed like a skull). The Grand Highblood's horns are long and in a curvy shape.


During his reign on Alternia, the Grand Highblood was responsible for keeping the trolls of lesser positions in the caste system in check, acting as a sort of enforcer for the Condesce's regime. During this time, he had gained a reputation for being extremely capricious, unpredictable, and violent.

After Orphaner Dualscar's kismesissitude with Marquise Spinneret Mindfang ended, the former offered the location of the latter to the Highblood, but Mindfang notes in her journal that his plan had or would backfire horribly due to the Highblood's aggressive nature, which is proven when the Highblood kills Dualscar for being unable to tell a funny joke.

Despite Dualscar's death, the Highblood took the threat Mindfang posed seriously and sent his wildcard, Neophyte Redglare, to apprehend her.

The cause of the Grand Highblood's own death is unknown, though it is noted that it occurred sometime before the beginning of Hivebent. The Grand Highblood's position is mirrored by the juggalo presidency on Earth after the Condesce conquers it.

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