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Villain Overview

Waters inside, waters outside. There is an ocean within your blood, everything you have ever been is a part of you. You are life, your heritage is life. Fight for it.
~ Yaldabaoth to a newly ascended Ion in "Ever, Only, All".
The secret they kept was of the god I saw that day. The bringer of hope, Grand Karcist Ion. I don't know how to write this part, or how to explain to someone how it felt. I can only advise you to try to think of a moment where someone out of reach looked your way, and then their god did the same.
~ Maria Demers in "The Great Cult Escape".

Grand Karcist Ion, also known as the Sorcerer-King of Adytum, is one of the overarching antagonists of the SCP Foundation mythos. He is considered one of the most powerful beings in the setting, being able to vanquish an elder god.  

He is the founder and messiah of the religion of Sarkicism, whose followers aim to bring Ion back to the world in order to bring their version of apotheosis to all of humanity. He is also the archenemy of Robert Bumaro.


As a slave

Ion's beginnings were humble, he was conceived by a Daeva Matriarch and a concubine father of possible Okunev origin, but because he was born a male half-blood he became a lowly slave under the rule of the oppressive Daeva civilization in circa 1800 BCE. After being unable to endure his horrible treatment anymore Ion escaped his owner and fled from the Empire. Roaming through unknown land Yaldabaoth and his Archons influenced Ion and guided him through the path they made for him as they had some unknown plans for him. As Ion surrendered himself to them the beings put Ion through a dream-like and painful apotheosis and was given power over flesh and disease. With his newfound powers granted by Yaldabaoth, Ion returned to Daevon and began garnering a rapidly growing following, promising wealth, freedom, and power, which eventually led to them overthrowing the Daeva that had enslaved and mistreated his people for so long. He and his followers created their own kingdom out of remnants of the Daeva city-states, with the city of Adytum as its capital.    

As Ion and his new empire continued to rapidly expand their territory through conquest, they were halted by a coalition of ancient civilization including the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Minoans and the Mekhanites. Fearful of the terrible powers Ion and his followers utilized, the alliance fought a brutal and destructive war against Ion which eventually ended after millions of casualties when Robert Bumaro banished Adytum and Ion from this mortal plane. His broken followers fled to avoid persecution.

In 1952, the Adytum's Wake sect lead by Cornelius P. Bodfel III attempted to summon Ion, but the ritual was interrupted by the Global Occult Coalition. Exactly what happened next is unknown, but what is known is that all present died, many from self-inflicted gunshot wounds, and the surrounding area was destroyed, forming the anomaly known as SCP-2480, a gateway for eldritch abominations to enter. Over the next few years, a Sarkite army began to form around SCP-2480, until a joint operation by the Foundation and the GOC successfully neutralised the threat.

As Sarkicism began rising once again, with the adherents of the faith disposing of various heads of influential states and groups of interest which was designated SCP-4273, Karcist Lucien Dutoit, Karcist Halyna Ieva, Karcist Yongsun Ban and Naman broke inside the site containing SCP-3911-1 and proceeded to use it as part of a summoning ritual. This ritual resulted in the manifestation of the four Klavigar before Ion himself manifested, having finally returned to Earth after having defeated the Archons. Following the incident, the Sarkites began planning the next steps in their plan of taking down their enemies and taking over the world.

Powers and Abilities

Having been granted an immense power by Yaldabaoth, Ion had complete control over flesh in all its forms. His powers were akin to that of a reality-bending demi-god and he was functionally immortal. For example, he was able to transform his arm into a massive wolf's maw to tear through steel. He was able to force others to move against their will or simply cause their bodies to burst. Similarly. he was able to grossly alter the physical layout of humans to grant them enhanced powers, like immense muscle size or organic growths that could be moulded into specialized weapons. Ion was also able to give a modicum of his powers to his followers, granting them the ability to similarly manipulate flesh.


Various depictions of Ion from Sarkic art and scriptures show him as appearing from masculine to androgynous, from young to old, and from human to inhumane forms. He is often depicted as wearing red, white, and black robes and bearing his iconic organic staff while others depict him nude and often shown impaled by various spears and/or stakes and carrying his own decapitated head. Ion is also ssociated with symbols such as spirals, shattered chains, drops of blood, sickles, and the ouroboros.


Drawn to his immense powers and charismatic orations, Ion garnered a massive following which continues to exist to this day. These followers adhere to a religion known as Nälkä wich is derived from the Finnish word for "hunger". Nälkä, or Sarkicism as it would more famously be known, follows the tenets of Ion, and its adherents practice, among other things, ritual cannibalism, human sacrifice, thaumaturgy and organic augmentation. Some of the more powerful Sarkites have moved passed what can be considered human and are functionally immortal. The structure of Sarkicism is highly hierarchic. The three most powerful and influential positions are:

  • Ozirmok: The Grand Karcist. A position reserved solely for Ion.
  • Klavigar: The four most powerful followers of Ion during his age of ascendancy, they are considered saints to current day Sarkites. They are named NadoxLovataarOrok & Saarn.
  • Karcists: The spiritual and secular leaders of Sarkicism. They are biologically immortal and have widely varying forms.

Other Media

Bumaro & Ion Anthology

Ion appears in the manga book Bumora & Ion Anthology by HaMuKuNi. It features various artwork depicting Ion, and a short story showing Bumaro's transformation and confrontation with Ion.


  • SCP-2191-3, a massive organism living underneath the Balkan Peninsula, was Ion's favored concubine. According to Sarkic cultist Draga Negrescu, she was once the princess of the "Blood Empress", and was claimed by Karcist Ion, as "was his right". It is implied that at the beginning she resisted him, but over time she came to worship Ion and wanted to bear his children and was impregnated by him.
  • According to Simon Oswalt, a Sarkite traitor to the Foundation, Ion is one of Yaldabaoth's Archons; beings of pure chaos designed to uphold his will.
  • During an interview with Dr. Clef, Ion showed dislike in referring to his religion as Sarkisism, since it originated as a slang by the Mekhanites, opting to instead use the religion's actual name Nälkä (in Finnish means "hunger"). He was also somewhat irritated by Clef's unusual and disrespectful behaviour.
  • In SCP-5555, it is revealed that the Administrator of the Foundation, and other leaders of the other GOIs, such as "Ion" himself, are actually powerful immortal beings who use the SCP universe and its inhabitants as just a playboard game with roleplaying for their own entertainment, with the identity of Grand Karcist Ion being nothing more than just a role which one of these entities takes, and after one of them wins, the game starts over and the universe resets, with the roles changing.
  • In the tale "Day of the Dragon" a reversed version of Ion exists in which he is the leader of the Church of the Broken God.
  • It appears that Ion was somewhat based on the biblical characters of Moses, a man born from slaves to the Egyptians who was then blessed by God and freed his fellow slaves from the Egyptian tyranny, and the Antichrist who is said to lead his followers to their doom, while manipulating them as he wishes.
    • Grand Karcist Ion also resembles Osmund Saddler from Resident Evil 4.
    • Despite sharing the name the author didn't intend the character to be based on the real mythological figure of Ion. However, the author had stated that it is plausible that the character might have inspired the mythological figure in-universe, along with the name Ion being similar to the word Yoni which in Sanskrit literary translates to "womb".
  • In the "Unfounded" canon, after the SCP Foundation used SCP-6871 to remove D.C. al Fine of the GOC from history, this allowed Ion and his Klavigar to initiate a worldwide rebellion. This prompted the Foundation to use SCP-6871 on Ion, removing him from history, but this resulted in human society at the time to not progress past the bronze age, while the Church of the Broken God and the O5 Council also ceased to exist. Because of the damage caused by the reckless abuse of the anomaly, the Administrator decided to use SCP-6871 on themselves in order to undo everything they did, while the Foundation ceased to exist.
  • In a forum thread discussing Ion's name and Sarkicism, Metaphysician stated that in the Sarkite's original language the pronunciation of the name Ion is closer to "Yawn" than "Eye-On".
  • Based on the tales "Empire of Dirt", "The Grand Theological Game" and the Wanderer's Library's "Sins of the Mother", Ion wasn't the one who originally started the slave revolt against the Daevites, but it was instead Ab-Leshal.

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