Oh! Looks like... a visitor!
~ Unnamed Grandchild.
Brothers, oh my brothers! One of our little WORMS has escaped his hole!
~ Unnamed Grandchild of the Grandchildren.

The Grandchildren are a race of grotesque, worm-like creatures that are the main antagonists of Albino Lullaby.


The Grandchildren are grey, worm-like creatures that lack all appendages (sliding across the ground like snails, leaving green-slime trails) and have large, exaggerated faces. They have large, glowing red eyes and black-lipped mouths filled with many cylindrical teeth. They possess large noses and chins of varying sizes.

It is currently unknown exactly how and why Grandchildren come into existence. But it is implied that the Grandchildren were once human, their limbs, eyes and digestive-systems removed and replaced using an inhumane procedure.


While their personalities may very, all grandchildren are loud, self-centered, competitive and immature. The grandchildren all follow a culture and laws centered around a mysterious figure called "Grandmother", whom they both greatly fear and worship. They all seem to see human-beings as vermin and cattle, seeing them as lesser to themselves and have intentions of either eating or converting them into other Grandchildren.


Grandchildren live and interact in highly structured and ritualized manner that is centered around pleasing a figure they refer to as The Grandmother. A "good behavior" may earn a Grandchild a visit with Grandmother, which is considered to be an extreme prestige by Grandchildren. At the same time they fear her wrath as well. They are social and interactive with one another, and are almost always seen in groups. In addition to usual family time, they attend chapel withing the mansion they reside and view Ascension (a ritual of turning humans into one of them).

Despite often interacting, they behave just as negatively as humans: many are prone to arguments, insults, and even fighting among themselves - Several can be seen incarcerated in small jail cells. Captive humans who have completed the Ascension but still have limbs are referred to as Walklings.

Grandchildren rarely ever leave their mansion, but few do have: as the protagonist (whose name is unknown) sees one on the road in the beginning of the game. One note during the game play implies that the Grandchildren are in hiding for now, but intending to eventually reveal themselves to the human world again.


They are the oldest of Grandchildren and are in charge of executing Ascension. There are five Elder Sibling members:

  • Cornelius
  • Fairday
  • Pogo
  • Plumb
  • Buck
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