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I see you!
~ Grandpa whenever he spots the player.

Grandpa is the secondary antagonist of the Granny horror series, the spin-off of the Slendrina franchise.

He is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Granny) in the 2019 mobile horror game sequel Granny: Chapter Two, the secondary antagonist in its 2021 threequel, Granny 3, as well as making a special appearance in Guest Mode of The Twins, another game made by the same developer. Alongside his wife Granny, he keeps the protagonist in his house and gives them five days to escape.

He was voiced by DVloper's father.


Like his wife, Grandpa relentlessly searches for the protagonist by wandering inside his house. If he spots them, he will chase them until he loses sight of them. If he manages to be in front of them, then he will hit them with his bloody walking stick, causing blood to splatter over the screen, sending them to the next day. After all five days are over, Grandpa (and Granny) will kill the player, causing a game over. His speed varies depending on the difficulty.

The player can attempt to hide from Grandpa by hiding under beds or inside wardrobes. However, if he spots the player hiding, then Grandpa won't be fooled easily and attack them, sending them to the next day, or a game over if all five days are over. He also can't climb ladders or crawl under tunnels.

Grandpa is less of a threat than his wife Granny. Unlike her, who has excellent hearing which is used to her advantage, Grandpa is almost completely deaf. However, he can still hear a few sounds, such as Slendrina's baby getting shot and his favorite vase being dropped to the ground.

Also, he will say a few lines when he spots the player, such as "Aha!" or "There you are!". This can give the player the idea that Grandpa is chasing them.

Regardless, he can still track the protagonist via five security cameras installed in his house. If he spots them, then he will run to their location and knock them out.

He will do other activities than searching the player, like feeding his pet in the sewer, listening to the radio and dancing, singing and sleeping. The latter can be an opportunity for the player to take the security key off of his necklace.

Lastly, it should be noted that Grandpa can't be killed, even with weapons like a shotgun or a stun gun. He will merely be knocked out for a short period of time before resuming his search for the player.

Grandpa returns in the third game, where he wields a shotgun instead of a walking stick. He and Granny lock the player in their castle and try to prevent them from escaping. He will shoot the player if he has his shotgun or swing it like a club if the player ends up in front of them. It is possible to steal his shotgun while he is sleeping or incapacitated. If he does not have his shotgun, he will knock the player out with a punch.


Grandpa is a bald old man with a dirty face and completely white eyes which glow red when he is angry. He wears a dirty military vest, dirty pants, and red shoes. He also wears a long, brown necklace, which the security key is attached to. Even though when the player takes the security key off of his necklace, the latter disappears. Lastly, he is always seen holding a bloody walking stick. In Granny 3, he carries a shotgun instead of a walking stick.


Much like his wife Granny, Grandpa is shown to be insane, cruel and inhumane, since he captures and kills others for his own enjoyment. He takes joy in the suffering of his victims, as he can be heard cackling maniacally when the player is eaten alive by the water monster. However, despite his violent tendencies, it is implied that he cares about Slendrina's child, going into an unstoppable rage whenever the latter is knocked out by the player. In the third game, he also shows rage when his pet crow is killed.

In his non-canon appearance in Guest Mode of The Twins, Grandpa retains his same basic personality. He and his wife are also depicted as being friends of Bob and Buck, visiting them when the player breaks in and helping the brothers protect their stolen goods by aiding them in their efforts to catch and kill the player. In this special guest appearance, Grandpa appears to be closer to Buck than he is to Bob, as one game-over has him helping Buck with the fire for cooking and eating the player, while another has him standing on the bottom prison floor with Buck while Bob stands on the upper floor with Granny as she shoots and kills the player.



  • Grandpa is implied to be a retired war veteran. Evidence include the helicopter on the roof of his house, the house's war-themed backyard, the military vest he wears, the security cameras in his house, and many more.
  • Unlike his wife, Grandpa was never implied to eat his victims in canon. He is shown helping Buck prepare a fire to implicitly cook and eat the player in The Twins, but the developer later confirmed that The Twins was not canon to the Granny or Slendrina games.
  • Like Granny, he is implied to be considerably dimwitted, as he never bothers looking under beds or opening wardrobes to find the player, though this is not he case if he spots them hiding. This was probably done so the game wouldn't be overly hard.
  • Like his wife, Grandpa can't be killed, implying that he is a demon, or at least not a normal human being. This is proven by his demonic voice and his eyes glowing red when he is angered.


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