Grange is one of the secondary antagonists in the film The Crow.


Grange is a mobster who is also the right-hand man and bodyguard for Top Dollar, and follows him everywhere.

When Eric attacks Top Dollar’s place, Grange escapes with Top Dollar and Myca. They find out Eric is invulnerable as long as his guide, the crow, is still alive, and that if the crow is weakened, Eric is as well; with that, they cook up a plan.

When Eric's surrogate daughter Sarah Mohr leaves the cemetery, Grange takes notice of her before stepping out of the shadows and grabbing her, covering her mouth. When she struggles against his grip, he tells her to “take it easy” while referring to her as “sweetheart” as he pulls her inside the abandoned church (which Top Dollar and Myca had chosen as their new hideout).

Eric then comes to save her; in the resulting shootout, Albrecht kills Grange.


  • He is played by Tony Todd, who also played Captain Darrow in The Rock and Candyman in the 1992 film Candyman and its sequels.