Love him. Serve great Darkseid. Wear your pointed helmets proudly where he leads. Die for him -- and reward Granny.
~ Granny Goodness

Granny Goodness is a villainess from the DC comics and media. She is a member of the extraterrestrial pantheon of gods known as the New Gods and a loyal follower of Darkseid.


Granny Goodness grew up as a peasant on the planet Apokolips, until one day, she was taken from her parents, and trained to be one of Darkseid's elite soldiers. She was ordered to train a certain attack dog that she grew very fond of. After the dog was trained, she was ordered to kill it. At first, she instead killed the soldier who issued the command, but then had no choice but to kill the dog when Darkseid ordered it to attack her. Darkseid, then, decided that Granny Goodness was a valuable asset; if she could train the dog to blindly obey Darkseid's orders, she could do the same to people. She tortured and brainwashed the youth of Apokolips in order to provide Darkseid with hardened warriors.

Granny Goodness was also in charge of Apokolips youth home for a long time, which was more akin to a child prison than a care home - she was very cruel to her wards but believed she was doing good by breaking their will, however she never succeeded in breaking the will of a young boy under her care who would grow into Mister Miracle and she has never forgiven him for managing to escape her grasp.

Television Appearance

Superman: the Animated Series

Granny Goodness Animated

Granny Goodness as seen in Superman: The Animated Serie.s

Granny Goodness appears in the cartoon series Superman: the Animated Series as a minor villainess and a loyal minion of Darkseid's court.


Granny Goodness (Smallville)

Granny Goodness in Smallville.

Granny Goodness is minor villainess in season 10 of Smallville, and a minion of Darkseid.

Movie Appearance

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Granny Goodness (Superman Batman Apocalypse)
Granny Goodness appears in the animated film Superman/Batman: Apocalypse as a servant of Darkseid and leader of the honor guard, which were her girls, the Female Furies.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Granny Goodness Gods and Monsters
Granny Goodness appears in the DC animated film Justice League: Gods and Monsters. She is seen in a flashback of Bekka's origin. She is present during the meeting in which Highfather and Darkseid seal a peace pact, symbolized by the marriage of Bekka and Orion. She performs the ceremony, but shortly after Darkseid and his allies are ambushed and slaughtered by New Genesis' Gods. She is shot in the head by one of the flower maids.

Alternate Versions

Granny Goodness has appeared in Tiny Titans as well as an alternate future in which Darkseid obtained the Anti-Life Equation, in this alternate future she was transformed into "Granmother Box" - a corruption of the New God technology known as Mother Boxes.

Goals and Ambitions

Granny Goodness hopes to remain a very loyal asset to Darkseid. She happily does anything he wishes.


  • Despite her name being Goodness her nature is far from Good.
  • Creator Jack Kirby modelled Granny's appearance off of the late Phyllis Diller.
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