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Let me tell you tadpoles how I work: I seek out the lost little lambs society has cruelly abandoned, I take them lovingly under my wings, give them the power to face the cold heartless world... and kick its butt!
~ Granny Goodness on how she recruits new members for Intergang

Granny Goodness is a recurring antagonist in the DC Animated Universe, serving as a supporting antagonist in Superman: The Animated Series and a minor antagonist in Justice League Unlimited.

She is one of the most loyal lieutenants of the Apokoliptian New God Darkseid, running an orphanage of her own where she indoctrines and brainwashes children to be loyal to the ruler of Apokolips as well as commanding the Female Furies, a trio of female New God warriors. After trying to destroy the Earth, Granny Goodness becomes an enemy of both Superman and Supergirl.

Despite being female, she was voiced by the late Ed Asner, who also played Roland Daggett in Batman: The Animated Series, Burbank in Gargoyles, Ed Wuncler I in The Boondocks, Martin Schultz in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Sid Weinberg in Cobra Kai.



Granny Goodness is an Apokoliptian officer who serves Darkseid, the New God who rules Apokolips, as part of his inner circle alongside the likes of Desaad and Steppenwolf. To replenish her master's military might, Granny runs an orphanage with countless children of poor backgrounds whom she trains since childhood into being loyal to Darkseid and molds them into formidable Apokolitian warriors. However, rather than raising the children with love, Granny tortured, psychologically abused and even brainwashed the children under her care to make them excellent soldiers for Darkseid. Among these children were Lashina, Mad Harriet and Big Stompa, who became Granny's Female Furies.

By the time Granny came to serve Darkseid, the thousand years-long war between Apokolips and New Genesis, its sister planet, was still ongoing until Darkseid and Highfather, the New God ruler of New Genesis, agreed to establish a truce for the sake of peace: they would exchange their newborn children; Darkseid surrendering his son Orion to Hightfather and Highfather surrendering his son Scott Free to Darkseid. Granny was present during the exchange, in which she gave Orion to Scott's nurse before taking Scott and laughing maniacally while holding him, foreshadowing her cruel intentions for the young New God.

As Darkseid focused on ruling Apokolips with an iron fist and seeking for the Anti-Life Equation, Granny took Scott to her orpanage and later to the X-Pit. There, Granny mercilessly tortured Scott, always capturing and punishing him when he tried to escape. However, Scott persevered and eventually managed to escape from Granny's clutches. He even managed to free Big Barda, another of Granny's children, from her brainwashing, and the two fled together to Earth, where Scott became an escape artist known as Mister Miracle. This left an angry Granny to ponder on what she did wrong with Scott.

Superman: The Animated Series

In the episode "Apokolips... Now! Part I", Granny Goodness is seen in a flashback sequence that depicts how the peace treaty between Apokolips and New Genesis was pacted, with Darkseid giving Orion to Highfather and Highfather giving Scott Free to Darkseid. However, Granny isn't seen among Darkseid's Apokoliptian forces when he tries (and fails) to claim the Earth and its inhabitants under his rule.

In the two-parter episode "Little Girl Lost", following Bruno Mannheim's death at the hands of Darkseid during his first invasion to Earth, Granny Goodness takes over Intergang and recruits countless of poor and ostracized juvenile delinquents to steal technology in display at the Metropolis Expo Center, using the abandoned Hob's Bay Recreational Center as a hideout. However, Granny eventually discovers through her henchmen that Superman's foster cousing Kara Kent and co-worker Jimmy Olsen have sneaked into their hideout. Olsen lies by saying that he and his girlfriend want to join the gang, but Granny explains how she recruits her henchmen before ordering her underlings to beat the pair up because they haven't been mistreated by society like them. Willing to stand up to Granny and help Metropolis just like her cousin does, Kara reveals herself as Supergirl and fights Granny and her grunts. Realizing that Supergirl is gonna cause problems, Granny summons Lashina, Mad Harriet and Big Stomba and orders them to make Supergirl's last moments special.

Supergirl fights the Female Furies and is so proven no match for them, leading Superman to come to her rescue. However, the Furies defeat and knock Superman out, leading Granny and the Furies to leave for Apokolips with him. Once in Apokolips, Granny and her Furies deliver a chained Superman to Darkseid, who is happy to see the Last Son of Krypton again, whom Granny forces to kneel for her master. Superman demands to know what are Darkseid's plans for Earth now, leading Darkseid to reveal that Granny Goodness has built with the stolen technology the Doomsday Magnet, a device which will redirect the incoming Fleischer's Comet to the Earth to wipe out all humanity, enabling Darkseid to claim the Earth for himself without technically violating the New Genesis treaty. However, Supergirl comes to the rescue, defeats the Apokoliptians and goes back with Superman to Earth, where they succeed to stop and destroy the comet in time. Furious at his plans foiled, Darkseid orders the Female Furies to torture Granny for her failure, despite Granny pleading them to not do so.

In the two-parter series finale "Legacy", for reasons unknown at first, Superman suddenly believes that he is Darkseid's son and conquers countless words on his behalf, planning to take over the Earth thinking that after Krypton's destruction, he landed on Apokolips, where Granny Goodness found him and delivered him to Darkseid, who gladly decided to adopt him and raise him like his own child. Whenever Kal-El has "nightmares" about people he "doesn't know", he goes to Granny's orphanage so she can brainwash him into forgetting, such as when he spends time celebrating with the Female Furies. It's heavily implied that during this time, Kal-El had an intimate relationship with Lashina, due to how close they were during this period and how Kal-El wakes up half-dressed only to find her with the hair loose in his room. It turns out that Granny actually brainwashed Superman after two Parademons trapped and brought him to her orphanage, so Darkseid could use him to further his own goals and get his revenge.

After Superman recovers his memories thanks to Supergirl and Lois Lane while he invades the Earth, he is captured and almost executed by Lex Luthor and General Hardcastle, but manages to escape and flies back to Apokolips to face Darkseid for what he did to him. Before going after the New God, however, Superman makes a stop at Granny's orphanage first just as Granny was going to take a drink to make her pay for the brainwashing. Realizing that Superman had come back to his senses, Granny immediately tries to excuse herself, assuring the Man of Steel that it was just all a joke, but as she says this, she takes her baton and electrocutes Superman, calling him out for his ungratefulness after she gave him a "glorious new life", but he touches her while being electrocuted, leading Granny to be electrocuted as well and be knocked back towards her brainwashing device, which ends up frying her mind much to her agony. Superman sarcastically wishes her "sweet dreams" before proceeding to go after the Female Furies and Darkseid.

Justice League Unlimited

In the episode "The Ties That Bind", having recovered from the mind frying she suffered previously, Granny Goodness pays a visit to Mister Miracle and Big Barda while they are practicing one escape stunt on Earth, abducting their friend Oberon indiscretly and taking him to her orphanage. Due to Darkseid's death sometime ago, Granny longs to usurp his throne and take over Apokolips, but Virman Vundabar has captured Darkseid's son Kalibak and imprisoned him on the X-Pit. Wishing to use Kalibak to claim the throne (though she intends to send him to her orphanage afterwards), Granny reveals to Miracle and Barda that she has Oberon captured and that if they want to see him again, they must rescue him. The two New Gods thus ask the Justice League for help, but Martian Manhunter reluctantly refuses due to feeling that if they aid Granny, then she may threaten the Earth, but the Flash accepts to go with them to rescue Oberon. During Oberon's stay at her orphanage

Throughout the episode, Mister Miracle experiences some flashbacks about his time under the supervision of Granny Goodness, who mercilessly tortured and forced him to stay there, despite his defiance and resolve to escape. Despite this, the three heroes save Kalibak from Vundabar and bring him back to Granny, but she goes back on her deal and says that the "mouthy little pip-squeak" Oberon is will die for behaving rudely with her, so that's when Kalibak is revealed to actually be a disguised Martian Manhunter: as they had anticipated Granny's betrayal and didn't want her to take over Apokolips, the Flash and Martian Manhunter had Kalibak sent and imprisoned to Earth while the latter posed as him. Martian Manhunter then reads Granny's mind and tells Flash where is Oberon, allowing the Flash to quickly save Oberon. Big Barda tries to kill Granny, but desists upon realizing that with her alive, Granny will be left with a civil war against Vundabar for the planet's control. They proceed to depart through a boom tube, but Barda turns back and sucker punches Granny.

In the episode "Alive!", Granny Goodness is shown alongside Bernadeth to be leading her own forces against Virman Vundabar's. Both sides wishing to claim Apokolips for each other, Granny and Virman start the battle and their warriors go to fight. However, then Darkseid suddenly appears between them, having been accidentally resurrected by the Legion of Doom. Fearfully, Granny and her forces, as well as Vundabar and his forces, bow down before Darkseid, abandoning her ambitions and accepting him again as her master. Darkseid later informs his subjects about his intentions to invade the Earth again out of spite to Superman for killing him and then planning to invade New Genesis so they will stop bothering him. However, Granny is nowhere to be seen in the following episode, so it can be presumed that the Justice League fought her offscreen or just stayed behind on Apokolips.


  • According to an artbook by Bruce Timm, the design of the DCAU version of Granny Goodness was based on how the late Ed Asner could have looked in drag, as a reference to how Norm Peterson mentions in an episode of Cheers that Asner would be ideal to play his wife Vera, a character who never appeared in the show.
  • Granny Goodness was Ed Asner's second DCAU role, having voiced Roland Daggett in Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Despite Granny Goodness getting her mind fried by her brainwashing device in the last episode of Superman: The Animated Series, her return in Justice League Unlimited depicts her as still alive and active. When asked about this, the showrunners shrugged that they didn't think that explaining Granny's survival was worth it.


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