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Granny Goodness is a major antagonist in Young Justice, serving as the main antagonist of Season 3: Outsiders and a minor antagonist in Season 4: Phantoms . She is a New God from Apokolips and a minion of Darkseid. She has a clone of herself called Gretchen Goode that operates a business on Earth called Goode World Studios. Granny Goodness is interested in obtaining the Anti-Life Equation so she can take over the universe under Darkseid’s will.

She was voiced by Deborah Strang.



In the past, Granny Goodness works alongside Desaad and is the leader of her own team called the Furies. She also works under Darkseid in Apokolips. Decades before the start of the events of Young Justice: Outsiders, Granny created a doppelganger of herself with the help of a computer. Her original form remained in The Orphanage in space while her clone came to Earth to start a corporation in order to find meta-teens.

Gretchen Goode

On Earth, Gretchen Goode looks for the children who have the meta-teens and would purchase the teens from and have them sent to her original form in Apokolips to be trained in preparation for building an army. She started an organization called Goode World Studios that aims to market its products towards children. She would also give the children goggles that a news reporter states makes the kids absent-minded and defiant of authority-figures. Gretchen states that it is there to open the imagination of the children. Beast Boy works under Gretchen Goode and at first had a good relationship with her until he finds out that the goggle he wore was testing him for the meta-gene. Gretchen Goode also joined The Light and attended meetings with other supervillains as they plotted ways to take control and stop the superheroes.

Gretchen Goode also contacts Helga Jace in order to get in contact with Violet and have her sent to her because she has the motherbox and the key to the Anti-Life Equation. When Nightwing and Black Lightning breaks into her mansion to investigate her connections to the meta-teen trafficking ring, she traps the two of them in her X-Pit to torture them and then take control of them. She returns the two of them to Aqualad and Wyynde when they came to her mansion to retrieve them, but she refuse to let them leave when she notices they had a motherbox. She forced Nightwing and Black Lightning to fight them until they were saved by the Team and the two were no longer her control. She then continues to confront Beast Boy as he still works under. She purposefully makes Beast Boy’s job harder.

She joins with Ultra-Humanite as she meets with Helga Jace who brings them a brainwashed Brion, Tara, and Violet. Gretchen Goode teleports the group to the X-Pit and throws Violet into the pit to try and test the stages of the Anti-Life Equation. She also pushes Jace into the pit to test the Anti-Life Equation on her and to have her reveal her motives to her. Gretchen also states that her original form uses the X-Pit to torture the meta-teens to condition them for her army. After noticing that the Anti-Life Equation is a success, she teleports the group back to the room and notices that Jace is totally subservient to her despite hating her. Gretchen gloats that she has the advantage over The Light to Ultra-Humanite. However, Tara and Brion breaks out Jace’s control and they escape from her base.

When The Team tries to confront Gretchen in order to stop her, she traps them in her X-Pit. She takes Beast Boy out of the pit to fight and beat him down. Cyborg manages to stop her machine the Overlord with the power of his fatherbox and saves the heroes from the X-Pit. The Team stops Gretchen and ties her up. Cyborg and Blue Beetle destroys her computer that keeps her and original form split apart causing her to be teleported across the galaxy to painfully merge back into her original form. Cyborg also stops Granny Goodness’s influence on Violet and Granny tries to stop Violet from undoing her mind control on the heroes. Cyborg tells her that Vandal Savage helped them stop her and she teleports out of her base on The Orphanage to Apokolips to tell Darkseid what occurred. After some time, Darkseid has Desaad torture Granny for deviating from his plans when he and Vandal Savage came to an agreement.

Granny Goodness

Granny Goodness continues to run operations on The Orphanage. As Gretchen Goode sends her the meta-teens after they are tested positive for it from Frederick DeLamb, Granny Goodness keeps them the teenagers and children imprisoned. She would train them in order to build up her army and would occasionally torture them by throwing them into the X-Pits. She continues her operation while working alongside Desaad. When the Justice League finds her base and tries to stop her and rescue the children, she confronts them and tries to torture them to death along with her teammates who are nearby with the giant computer at her base. The heroes stop the machine and rescues some of her teammates. Granny expels them from her base almost causing the heroes to die as they were outside with no air.

Her doppelganger, Gretchen Goode, manages to teleport Violet over to Granny Goodness’s base because she had the motherbox and Violet was the key to Anti-Life Equation that Granny wanted. The heroes confront Granny again in their second attempt to try and stop her and rescue the teens, but she overpowers them. Granny reveals to them that she planned to use the Violet to initiate the Anti Life Equation so that she can take all the free will of the meta-teens and raise a powerful to take over the universe. She also states that she intends to kill everyone else who did not have the meta-gene through the process of the putting those under the control of the Anti-Life Equation. After torturing the heroes through the X-Pits, Granny Goodness uses Violet to place the heroes under the influence of the Anti-Life Equation and take control of them.

When Cyborg and Blue Beetle destroys the computer on Earth that keeps Granny Goodness and Gretchen Good separated, Gretchen Goode is teleported across the galaxy to merge back with her original form. After composing herself from the painful merge, Granny Goodness tries to stop Violet from undoing her work since Cyborg helped Violet break out Granny’s control. Violet is successful in releasing the heroes from Granny’s control. Cyborg tells Granny that Vandal Savage helped them stop her. Granny got angry and teleported out of her base to Apokolips to tell Darkseid that Vandal Savage stopped her plans and got in his way. After some time, Darkseid decides to have Desaad torture Granny when the latter came to an agreement with Vandal Savage and when they figured out that Granny had her own agenda that was not aligned with Darkseid.

New Furies

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