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Granny Jabowski is a recurring antagonist in Paradise P.D.. She is the grandmother of Gina Jabowski and the eldest member of The Jabowski Family. Like the rest of her family, Granny is a criminal who robs people to provide for the family.

She is voiced by Roger Black.


In "Meet the Jabowskis", Granny debuted when Gina Jabowski was reunited with her family again, while on her search to find who shot her. Granny told Gina that they do not talk about the dark day when Gina was shot, which seemed at first as though she was sparing her feelings but as revealed later, was actually just a cover for the fact that as a family, they used Gina as a human shield while on the run from the cops. During their time together, Gina and Granny played taser tag. During the game, Gina accidentally tazed Granny to death, but was quick to resuscitate her with the tasers again. Upon the revelation that The Jabowskis were criminals, Granny assisted the family in robbing The First National Bank of Paradise, while in disguise as Louis C.K. and successfully ran off with a briefcase full of money.

In "Fetal Attraction", Granny assisted the family in holding Kevin and Gina hostage for ransom money. When Kevin and Gina escaped, the Jabowskis chased them down and battled with them, but Gina was able to knock Granny out cold by squeezing all the crayons out of Cooter Jabowski's nose and pelting her to unconsciousness.


  • It is unknown if she's the maternal or paternal grandmother of the Jabowski family.


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