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Granny May

Oh my leg! My little old leg!
~ Granny May faking an injury.

Granny May (real name: Grandolyn Edna May) is a recurring antagonist in WordGirl.

She was voiced by Cree Summer.


She is a 75-year-old woman who poses as a sweet and loving woman, much like a grandmotherly figure. However, under this guise, she is actually a master criminal. Because of this charade, most of the townspeople are easily turned over, except for WordGirl. In one episode, she even successfully turned the people against WordGirl by saying that she pushed a defenseless old woman onto the ground. She also acts as though she's deaf, though in reality, she really isn't. She carries weapons such as knitting needles that fire yarn, which is almost impossible to break, perfume that can make people helpless, and purse mints that are nearly blinding. She is also equipped with a suit of steel armor and a jetpack that she activates by pressing on her pearl necklace. This makes her nearly impossible to catch. It is also equipped with an air-conditioning feature. Amazingly, her mother is still living, and she had to live with her mother while under house-arrest. She escaped, however.


Granny May has a variety of weapons of her own:

  • Knitting needles that shoot nearly unbreakable yarn.
  • Near blinding purse mints.
  • Perfume that makes people unable to do anything.
  • A suit of steel and a jetpack.



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