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Come on then.
~ Grant's catchphrase when it comes to him threatening his enemies.
I don't think you know what the word means. You want to know what love is? I'll tell you what love is; love is me not slamming your face through that wall! It's me not ripping down the Vic brick by brick while she's still in it! That's my love, brother.
~ Grant confronting Phil over his brother's affair with Sharon.

Grant Mitchell is a fictional character one of the central protagonists of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders.

He first appeared in February 22nd 1990 and became one of the show's central protagonist villain throughout the 1990s up until his departure in October 25th 1999. He returned as one of the major protagonists from October 25th 2005 to June 9th 2006 and later reappeared as a supporting protagonist from May 13th 2016 to September 9th 2016.

Grant originally started out as one of the show's protagonist villains and anti-heroes throughout the 1990s due to his volatile and temperamental streak. While the character has calmed down in his follow-up stints, Grant is still a physically dangerous figure and is feared by many of his former neighbors around Albert Square.


Grant Mitchell first arrived at Albert Square in 1990 with his older brother, Phil Mitchell, and they soon moved themselves into the square with their sister Sam and mother, Peggy.

Grant's violent streak first emerged when he attacked local landlord Eddie Royle for badmouthing Sharon Watts, a barmaid who Grant would later marry. Grant is later falsely accused when Eddie is murdered, but is proven innocent when the real killer, Nick Cotton, is caught out. His marriage with Sharon soon breaks down because of Grant's criminal and violent streak, which led to Sharon having an affair with Phil. Grant eventually discovered this on the night Phil celebrated his engagement to Kathy Beale. Grant later attacked Phil and drove Sharon to ruin as revenge for their affair behind his back. Grant later made amends with the pair, but was left devastated when Sharon refused to start over and decided to leave the square.

Grant later had a second wife, Tiffany Raymond, who would later give birth to their daughter Courtney. He soon began to domestically abuse Tiffany over various troubles and became enemies with his sister's boyfriend, Beppe Di Marco, when he stood up for her against Grant. This led to the events where Grant is suspected of pushing Tiffany down the stairs, and is arrested. When Grant is released, he finds out that Tiffany attempts to flee the country with their child and takes Courtney away from her. When Tiffany races to stop Grant, she gets run over by his stepdad Frank Butcher and dies as Grant watches on. He is left guilt-ridden at being partly responsible for the death of his second wife.

During that time, Grant and Phil have committed several crimes that concludes with stealing money from a gang in October 1999. Before doing that, Grant punches Phil's nemesis Steve Owen after their partnership collapses and sleeps with Kathy when she returns to confront Phil over their son Ben Mitchell. Although the heist is successful, Phil learns about Grant sleeping with Kathy and Grant admits that he did it out of revenge for Phil sleeping with Sharon behind his back. This provokes Phil, heartbroken that Grant ruined his chance of happiness to be with his family out of spite, to causing Grant to end up plunging their getaway vehicle into the River Themes. They both survived and Grant, after being presumed dead, leaves the country with Courtney to start anew in Portugal; Phil would later sell Grant's share of The Queen Vic to Steve's business rival Dan Sullivan by the end of the year.

Grant soon returns a couple of years later to convince Sharon that Sam is innocent for the murder of her father Den Watts, and that her stepmother Chrissie Watts is the killer. This manages to work and Chrissie is arrested. Grant then considers leaving the square until Phil ropes him in confronting the square's crime boss, Johnny Allen, as Phil wishes to avenge Sharon for her loss of her half-brother and second husband Dennis Rickman as Johnny had Dennis killed by his henchman Danny Moon. Despite multiple setbacks, Johnny is arrested and Danny is killed by his brother Jake Moon just before he could kill Grant after capturing him and Phil. Then Johnny dies of a heart attack months later, before which Grant makes amends with Phil before leaving the square with Courtney once more.

Nearly a decade after leaving the square, Grant returns when his mother Peggy dies of cancer. He then goes back to Portugal after helping Phil sort out a few troubles, with the brothers once again parting way in good terms despite their conflict being briefly restarting over the circumstances behind their mother's untimely death.


  • Ross Kemp, the actor who played Grant Mitchell, received critical acclaim for his performance of the character and had both won and been nominated for several awards; including "Best Actor" and "Villain of the Year".


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