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Grany current form

Grany Smisses is a talking Bow Meow and Remington older brother, which even Ruel found odd. He is supporting antagonist in Wakfu TV series.


He is as sly and cunning as his brother, and like him not above using a double cross to get their way. Despite this however, both brothers are shown to care about one another, as Remington chose to stay behind in the Shushu world to save him.


Pre-Wakfu Events

Grany's true form

Growing up, the two brothers will join. Remington has a physical strength much less developed than Grany, and he catches up with his ingenuity. As a result, he becomes the duo's thinking head, which sometimes annoys his brother Grany, who feels that Remington does not consult him enough to make decisions. The feeling that Remington takes him for an imbecile has caused an unease between the two brothers, Grany sometimes want to physically strike with Remington to pull back his cackle.

After many adventures, poor Grany will not find his original form at the end of the comics. in fact, in volume 12, Ush is killed while facing a giant monster. Grany is collapsed because he has no way to regain his normal appearance. What he does not know is that Ush is still alive because like all cats, he has nine lives, so he quickly reincarnated.

Chased in Rubilaxia

Grany and Remington wer evnetualy captured by ghouls created by Shadowfang. While they were brought to Rubilax, Grany followed Remington's lead and attempted to take all the Shushu in the palace. Grany took one of the Shushu and allowed the spirit to take over his body. The Shushu he possessed made him into a large beast and eventually he lost control of the Shushu until he was freed.

Escapes from Rushu

While there he offered the team advice how to breakout. Instead of thanking them he instead released an extremely powerful Shushu named Anathar. Later on, Grany, Remington, Sadlygrove and Yugo are taken to the Shushu world. In their attempt to escape Grany is used as distraction due to King Rushu's fear of cute things. Remington stayed behind in order to rescue Grany.



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