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Gravitina is a recurring antagonist in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

She is a turquoise humanoid with an overlapped head that she used to control gravitational forces and was once a henchman working for Emperor Zurg. Gravitina is oftentimes petty, arrogant, egocentric, and self-absorbed. However, deep down, she desires companionship and love. Her abnormally large head was always a source of derision, leading her to live a life of crime.

She was voiced by Kerri Kenney.


She first appeared in the episode Gravitina, where she sets off an asteroid field to destroy Star Command. Though Team Lightyear is able to destroy several asteroids, all of Star Command is surrounded by a huge barrier of asteroids. Buzz and XR (being the only rangers out from the barrier) head over to an unnamed large planet which happens to be the source of the asteroids.

As Buzz and XR search through Gravitina's hidden lair, Gravitina reveals herself by using her powers to subdue and trap Buzz and XR in a dungeon. However, Gravitina also plans to win Buzz's heart and have him to herself, though he only flirts with her in order to allow XR to find the machine that's causing the asteroids to encase Star Command.

With that in mind, XR destroys the machine to free Star Command from the asteroid field and arrest Gravitina for her crimes. She returns in the episode Sunquake, where she escaped from prison and formed a partnership with an evil alternate version of Buzz Lightyear. She was pleased to find a version of Buzz that was evil and they took control of solar flares as an attempt to destroy Star Command.

With that in mind, Gravitina uses her power to produce devastating sunquakes that would send streaks of molten plasma hurtling around the galaxy. However, Team Lightyear caught wind of their plot, so Evil Buzz betrays Gravitina by attempting to escape himself, only to seemingly perish when he falls into the sun. Following Evil Buzz's defeat, Gravitina was arrested and taken back to prison.



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