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So far, it has been you against me, Chantelle, and that is not right.
~ Gray Atkins

Gray Atkins is a fictional character and recurring anti-villain of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders. He is portrayed by actor Toby Alexander Smith.

Gray served as the main antagonist throughout 2019-2020, although he also served as a deuteragonist in Whitney’s storyline.


Originally appearing as a non-villainous character, it was revealed that Gray domestically abuses his wife, Chantelle. This abuse comes from Gray's upbringing, where he was frequently subjected to abuse from his father, who also abused Gray's mother.

Despite his abuse, Gray regrets his actions, and has told Chantelle he wants to get help to control his outbursts. A softer side was shown to Gray's character after he agreed to take on Whitney Dean's case, after she was arrested for murdering her stalker, Leo King. He accidentally killed his wife Chantelle when she found the courage to leave him. Later in the year, he kills Tina when she finds out his killer secret.

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