So far, it has been you against me, Chantelle, and that is not right.
~ Gray Atkins to his wife Chantelle while domestically abusing her and before he kills her after their marriage breakdown.

Gray Atkins is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders.

He serves as the main antagonist in 2019-2021. He also served as a deuteragonist in Whitney storyline between September 2019 to September 2020. His main story begun in July 2019 where he domestically abused and later kills his wife Chantelle Atkins, before going on to form a relationship with established character Whitney Dean and then murdering her relative Tina Carter for discovering his secret. He also trying to destroy Whitney and Kush relationship in which he succeeds in as he kills Kush by pushing him into a upcoming train.

He is portrayed by actor Toby Alexander Smith.


Sometime before he first came in Walford, Grey Atkins became a professional solicitor who married Chantelle and they had two kids. It was then Grey began to domestically abuse his wife Chantelle. This continues when they came into Walford, where it turns out that the reason behind Grey's abusive nature was because of his upbringing; he was frequently subjected to abuse from his father, who also abused Gray's mother.

When Chantelle learns about this, Grey tells her he regret the way she has been treated by him and wants to get help to control his own outbursts. But then Grey ends up continuing his abuse towards Chantelle, at one point raping her, when their marriage begins to have a breakdown. This mostly comes in Grey's romantic friendship with local resident Whitney Dean, and a softer side was even shown to Grey when he helps Whitney's case after she gets arrested for killing her stalker Leo King in self-defense - as Leo was the son of the late Tony King, a paedophile who groomed and abused Whitney for three years ever since she was 12.

Eventually, Grey's mistreatment towards Chantelle comes to a tragic climax when he ends up killing her just as she gains the courage to leave him. Grey is questioned by the police afterwards, but he covers Chantelle's death by making it appear that she had an accident from one of their children's toy cars - thus implicating his own children behind their mother's demise. Later in the year, Grey murders Whitney's relative Tina Carter when she finds out about what he did to his wife. Since then, Grey appeared to be developing a romantic interest towards Whitney.

It soon becomes clear that Gray has a secret obsession for Whitney and determines for her to be his, up to the point where he grows secretly furious to learn that Whitney and her friend Kush Kazemi have become a couple. He kills Kush.

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