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I'm planning on doing one hell of a... MASSACRE!
~ Gray Fly
My stand is the Tower card, which signifies horrible accidents and the end of journey. I'll keep you from lord DIO if it's the last thing I do! Even if you manage to survive the crash, you're still 10,000 kilometers away from Egypt. Those who swore loyalty to lord DIO will pursue you relentlessly. You don't stand a chance in hell! There are stands in this world with powers that defy the very limits of imagination! Lord DIO's power is the one that rules over all of them! He is the master of stands, reigning over the world like a god among mortals. There's no way you'll reach them alive! You bastards won't even see Egypt! Your deaths will be swift and painful!
~ Gray Fly

Gray Fly is one of the mercenaries hired by Dio Brando during the third arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He is the first antagonist the Stardust Crusaders fights that isn't possessed.

He is voiced by Mitsuaki Madono in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future and by Katsumi Chō in the anime. He is voiced by Jay Preston in the anime's dub.


Gray Fly is a assassin who is specialist not only in blowing buildings, ships and planes but also to make everything look like an accident, leaving no evidence of his crimes. Hired by Dio Brando to kill Jotaro Kujo and his group, he attacks them on a plane between Japan and Hong Kong. They see a big stag beetle flying inside the plane, who attacks them and the passengers. They are unable to attack it, as it moves very fast. An old man wakes up, but Kakyoin knocks him out, deciding to fight the beetle by himself. He traps the beetle around the strings of his stand, tearing it apart. They then discover that the old man was Gray Fly, who was controlling the beetle, as he starts bleeding from his tongue and seemingly dies. But to everyone's surprise, Gray Fly lives long enough to warn the Stardust Crusaderss that other Stand assassins would be hunting them down before finally dropping dead. The Stardust Crusaderss and surviving passengers are forced to land the plane in the sea, since Gray Fly had already killed the pilots.

Powers and Abilities

Tower of Gray

Noriaki Kakyoin, eh? I've heard all about you from lord DIO! Don't bother. You think you have silence on your side, but your stand cannot keep up with my speed!
~ Gray Fly

Gray Fly's stand, Tower of Gray, takes the form of a giant stag beetle. The thing is very fast and agile, and can tear through flesh easily.




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