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Graham Foster is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders. He appeared as a supporting antagonist in 2003 and 2004 before becoming a minor antagonist in 2005 prior to his departure in January that year.

In his storyline, Graham raped Little Mo Slater and deliberately impacted troubling events to both her father Charlie and husband Billy Mitchell in the aftermath of the incident. He was eventually arrested and trialed for Little Mo's rape before being found guilty of the crime, after which he gets sentenced to 8 years in prison.

He was played by Alex McSweeney.


Graham Foster started out as a decent chap who first came to Albert Square in Walford, whereupon he got acquainted with local resident Little Mo Slater in The Queen Victoria public house in 2003.

As the pair developed a friendship towards each other, Graham and Little Mo often hang out in the pub attending bingo events. It was then Graham began to flirt with Little Mo, after she recent told him that her marriage with her husband Billy Mitchell is undergoing a crisis. She also believes that Billy is acting distant from her ever since his hardman cousin, Phil Mitchell, has gone on the run after being set-up for armed robbery by his top dog adversary Den Watts and the latter's son Dennis Rickman.

One night in the pub, however, Graham attempts to make out with Little Mo when they are alone together. She rejects his advances, but Graham refuses to accept this and he ends up raping Little Mo in the pub. Following the incident, Little Mo rushes home and tells her family about her rape. Little Mo's father Charlie Slater, also the square's taxi driver, reacts angrily to this and vows to make Graham pay for what he did. When Billy learns about Little Mo's rape, they go to the police and Graham is arrested for rape. He is later released, though, due to insufficient evidence.

In 2004, Charlie tracks down Graham and offers him a lift home. Graham accepts this, but then Charlie locks him in the taxi and beats him up for raping Little Mo. Afterwards, Graham retaliates by having Charlie arrested for assault - which results in Charlie facing both a three-month imprisonment and a suspension of his taxi license. Graham then sues Charlie for compensation in a further act of revenge, which catches the attention of both Charlie's daughter Kat Slater and her husband Alfie Moon. The couple decide to help Charlie out by borrowing £10,000 from the square's gangland boss Andy Hunter, also Kat's ex-fiancé and Alfie's nemesis, in order to stop Graham from putting up with his plans; Graham accepts the £10,000 offer and leaves the square.

Later on, though, Little Mo gives birth to an infant boy whom she names Freddie. It turns out that Graham is the child's father, which horrifies Little Mo and her family - including her other sister Lynne Slater and Kat's daughter Zoe, along with Charlie's partner Mo as well. Eventually, Billy learns about this from Lynne's husband Garry Hobbs and finds himself struggling to accept the fact that Little Mo had given birth to the son of her rapist.

Soon enough, Graham is rearrested for Little Mo's rape and is charged for the crime. He later appears in magistrates and pleads not guilty in court. During the trial, Billy testifies against Graham in Little Mo's defense. Graham nonetheless feels confident to get away scot-free when his estranged mother, Deirdre, turns up in the legal process. When Little Mo meets Deirdre, she is presented with Graham's two other children Ella and Rebecca by their grandmother. Deirdre reveals that Graham has been neglecting his children ever since he broke down his marriage due to his selfish and cheating ways.

In the build-up to Graham's testimony, his mother confronts him about his actions - to which Graham responds by threatening and verbally insulting Deirdre. This shocking act is witnessed by Little Mo, who comforts Deirdre over what Graham has just said. Little Mo further sympathizes with Deirdre by explaining how the way Graham behaved had reminded Little Mo of her late husband Trevor Morgan, who had previously abused Little Mo to the point of raping her in 2001 and then getting her wrongfully imprisoned for attempted murder in 2002. Although Trevor was eventually killed in a fire started by himself on Halloween 2002, Little Mo has a prolonging difficulty in having the overcome the ordeal Trevor had put her through - and now her troubles seem to be starting all over again because of Graham from the point he raped Little Mo that night.

When Graham is taken to the stand, he lies under oath by claiming to see his children more than their mother does. However, Little Mo's bannister exposes his lies by disclosing that Graham had actually been neglecting his children ever since he last saw them three years ago. In response to this, Graham openly insults his mother after realizing that she had told Little Mo about the extent of his true character. When the jury return to court with a verdict, Graham is found guilty of raping Little Mo and he is consequently sentenced to prison for a minimum term of 8 years.

In 2005, Graham requests Billy to visit him in prison. Billy goes to confront Graham and they have a heated exchange when Graham attempts to taunt him over the fact that Billy is not Freddie's real father, and that Freddie would end up becoming like Graham due to the fact that Freddie has two other siblings from Graham's ex-wife as well. Billy, however, dismisses Graham's arrogance and asserts that Little Mo will strive in doing everything she can to help Freddie never disclose the truth about his father - to which Billy will help out as well. Billy then leaves Graham to spend the rest of his life in prison. Since then, Graham has never been scene nor heard about in the square again.



  • He is the second EastEnders antagonist to rape established character Little Mo Slater, who was first raped by her abusive husband Trevor Morgan in December 2001.
    • The only difference was Graham was arrested and convicted of rape, whereas Trevor was never imprisoned for his actions towards Little Mo - though he ended up getting killed-off in Halloween 2002.
    • His release date was in 2013 but decided not to return to the square.