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Gray Mann is the secondary antagonist of Team Fortress 2, being the main antagonist of the Mann vs Machine Co-op Campaigns and the comic storyline until his death in issue #5 Old Wounds.

He is Blutarch and Redmond Mann's smarter brother and owner of Gray Gravel Co., seeking to take control of Mann Co. with his army of robots.


The long-lost third son of Zepheniah Mann and the smallest of the Mann triplets, Gray was also the most intelligent of the three as he was capable of speaking perfectly after being born, having learned it in the womb by listening to his mother speak. Disgusted by this, Zepheniah Mann was going to smother Gray, but before he could go through with it Gray was abducted by a wild eagle during the Great Eagle Scourge of 1822, which raised him as one of its own. Once he had fully grown up, Gray ate the eagle and her children and returned to civilization to build his own corporate empire, Gray Gravel Co.

A hundred years later, Gray assassinated his twin brothers Blutarch and Redmond, took control of their respective companies and set his eyes on his late father's company Mann Co. so he could get his hands on its vault of the world's supply of Australium to fuel his immortality machine. He started an all-out war against Mann Co.'s CEO Saxton Hale, who hired Redmond and Blutarch's mercenaries to defend the Mann Co. facilities from Gray's army of robot duplicates, which Gray built himself and powered with money.

After years of unsuccessful attacks, Gray realized that he and Hale had reached the same perpetual stalemate as his dead brothers. Not wanting to continue his late brothers' legacy of stupidity, Gray decided to trick Hale into handing over the company. He went to Hale's office and cited the Mann Co. policy that any rival CEO could challenge the current CEO to a one-on-one duel with the winner taking control of the company, a policy Saxton Hale himself had put into place and forgotten about. Saxton Hale promptly started to happily beat Gray up until Gray revealed that he was no longer CEO of Gray Gravel Co., having given the position to his young daughter Olivia. Unwilling to fight a little girl, Hale relented and handed over Mann Co.

Unfortunately for Gray, the Administrator had anticipated his victory and fled into hiding, taking the Australium supply with her and leaving her assistant Miss Pauling with instructions to do the same. Gray spent six months hunting for her and the Australium, eventually hiring the Team Fortress Classic Mercenaries and the Medic, who caught the trail of Miss Pauling and the other mercenaries, who the Administrator had tasked with bringing the last remaining Australium to her. The Classic Mercenaries swiftly caught and interrogated them, but their leader, the Classic Heavy, got curious about how Gray had managed to stay alive for 150 years. When Gray refused to explain, Classic Heavy noted that he and his teammates weren't getting any younger themselves and betrayed Gray.

Initially, the Classic Heavy wanted to have Gray tortured for information on the Australium's properties, but changed his mind and simply ripped Gray's life extender out of his back to let the Classic Engineer examine it, leaving him to bleed out on the floor. When Soldier and his girlfriend Zhanna freed themselves, a dying Gray demanded they bring him to Miss Pauling. With his dying breaths Gray told Pauling that she has to stop the Administrator's plans, admitting that she's smarter than him and that whatever horrible things he may have planned for the world, her plans are far worse.


  • Gray was first mentioned in a birth certificate accessed via a link hidden in a bloodstain on the banner of the TF2 Official Blog.
    • Additionally, an updated version of the last will of Zepheniah Mann was released shortly after the hidden link, revealing the secret piece of the will belongs to Gray Mann.
  • The smaller set of numbers along the bottom of the Barely-Melted Capacitor read 07180125. When split into four and translated into letters (A = 1, B = 2, etc), it reads "GRAY".
  • In "The Shadow Boxers" comic released during the Smissmas 2012 update, it was revealed that Gray Mann owns Gray Gravel Co., a company for which a sign can be seen in the Gravel Pit map.
  • Many fans think Gray Mann may be a reference to the G-Man. This is assumed due to a variety of similarities, such as a similar suit, same initials and their uncanny facial resemblance.
  • ​Despite the fact that Gray Mann is the third Mann brother and considered the main antagonist for most of TF2, he did not appear in the 2013 Halloween event, which involved RED and BLU team pushing the opposite brother into hell, in a similar fashion of the Payload mode. He was only mentioned briefly by his deceased Father's ghost telling Blutarch and Redmond that Gray is his favourite son, despite having tried to kill him at birth and likely because he was not irritatingly stupid like his brothers.
  • Many fans thought that with the inclusion of Gray Mann would bring in a third team, nicknamed the GRY team. This was half true with the inclusion of Mann vs Machine, the latter being sometimes considered the GRY team.
  • Aside from being a pun on the real-life Raybans brand, the Graybanns are sunglasses made by Gray Mann.


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