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Jubilee: Why do you hate us? What did we ever do to you?
Creed: You were born!
~ Creed to Jubilee on why he hates mutants so much.
Don't you know what monsters [mutants] are? They're evil, all of them! They and all who associate with them must be exterminated!
~ Creed's motive rant to Carly.
What are you looking at?! I hate him! I'm not like him; I'm normal! Get out of here, all of you! I'm not like him; I'm normal! I'm not like him! You are not my father! You are not my father! [starts frantically shooting at Sabretooth's hologram while repeatedly shouting] You are not my father!
~ Creed's villainous breakdown.
Creed: It was bad enough to find out that Sabretooth is my father, but then to learn that these freaks are what's left of my family! It was enough to drive me mad.
Nightcrawler: You are my brother?
Creed: [starts punching the glass] DON'T
EVER CALL ME BROTHER. Once I am rid of you all, I will truly be cleansed! Free of your curse!
Nightcrawler: If you are indeed my brother, then I will pray to God that you find the wisdom to work through your hatreds, to find strength in His love.
Creed: [laughs] Pretty words, for a demon.
~ Creed about to gas and kill his own entire family.

Graydon Creed Jr. is one of the main antagonists in X-Men: The Animated Series, serving as the secondary antagonist of season 2 before later returning as the central antagonist in the episode "Bloodlines". He is the son of Mystique and Sabretooth, and the leader of an anti-mutant hate group called the Friends of Humanity (FoH for short).

He was voiced by John Stocker.


Creed is first introduced in the "Till Death Do Us Part" 2-parter, visibly angry at President Robert Kelly's decision to suddenly go pro-mutant and pardon Beast. The FoH, under his orders, commit all sorts of hate crimes against not just mutants but also their followers. Such acts include attacking the president's pardoning announcement, attacking the Morlocks, destroying signs and buildings, shooting up a bar with both X-Men and ordinary humans inside, and framing Beast for gun-toting and attacking an occupied vehicle. When Jubilee comes to their headquarters, Creed orders her to be taken away and executed after saying that he hates mutants just for being born. Thankfully, Wolverine comes crashing in to save Jubilee and they flee the area.

In the episode "Time Fugitives", Creed hires a scientist (who's secretly Apocalypse) to create a virus that would wipe out the mutant race, but be relatively harmless to ordinary humans. While giving a speech about the plague's effects in a courtroom, Graydon tries to infect Beast with the virus but is stopped by Bishop. During the struggle, Graydon accidentally infects himself and retreats back to the lab for medical aid. The X-Men follow him, attack the base and the scientist reveals himself to be Apocalypse. Beast carries Creed out of the battle and the X-Men destroy the virus after an epic battle, and Creed returns to the FoH headquarters.

In the episode "Beauty and the Beast", the FoH protest outside the eye clinic while also vandalizing it, and then later kidnap Beast's girlfriend Carly. Beast begins searching for her and Wolverine infiltrates the FoH, pretending to have been assaulted by "filthy mutants". Creed gladly accepts him into the fold. As they get to know each other, Wolverine begins to suspect that Graydon Creed is Sabretooth's son. Right when Wolverine reveals his mutant powers, Graydon cowardly points his blaster pistol at Carly's head in an effort to make him stay back. An enraged Beast attacks the FoH's headquarters before the X-Men bust in, using a holographic projector to display information on Sabretooth in front of Graydon and his followers, including his real name: Graydon Creed, Sr. Ruined, Graydon suffers a nervous breakdown, frantically shooting at Sabretooth's hologram while his followers abandon him. He then spent months in a psychiatric hospital.

Once he recovers, Graydon tries to return to the folds of the FoH organization in the episode "Bloodlines"; the council that now rules over the FoH, however, after having been made aware of him having a mutant father, have been digging further into his past and uncovered that his family tree "bears much mutant/rotten fruit"; they declare that, in order to lead the FoH once more, he has to prove himself by killing Mystique (his birth mother), Nightcrawler (his younger half-brother) and Rogue (his adoptive sister).

Creed then kidnaps Mystique and sends Nightcrawler a letter, telling him that he must come to the FoH's base or else they will kill his mother. Nightcrawler seeks the help of Rogue and Wolverine; they locate the base and walk straight into a trap. Graydon captures and tries to kill all of them—even nearly succeeding with Mystique—but the mutants break free and destroy the base. Creed is recovered by the FoH and callously delivered via parachute to Sabretooth's cabin in the woods. The episode ends with Creed screaming in horror at the sight of his monstrous father, who tells him to "come to papa."

He was never seen again after that, thus insinuating that he was killed by his own father.



  • He's easily the most despicable character in the entire show for his wanton bigotry, complete lack of gratitude after Beast saves his life, and willingness to kill humans as well as his own family members. While he's heavily implied to have been abused by his father Sabretooth, his actions outweigh any possible tragedy.
  • He could be seen as a foil to Nightcrawler, his maternal half-brother. While Nightcrawler is a merciful kind-hearted Christian who sought to know the truth about his family, Creed is a merciless hostile racist who hides the truth about his family from the Friends of Humanity, even trying to murder them all in order to prove his worth to the new leaders.

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