Grazia is a villainous officer in the Rebel Army serving as the commander of the Blaze Brigade and a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Grazia was sent with Destrade and Beatriz to claim new energy that Cleopatra had stolen. After creating a ruckus in the ruins, the three attract Cleopatra's attention and battle her. Though the fight leaves both sides exhausted, Destrade manages to take the energy back and Cleopatra allows them to leave as long as they don't make any more noise. As they head back, Grazia argues with Beatriz over who did the most work.

Grazia later tests a new Big Shiee with Loretta. They attempt to use it on Dragunov but Dragunov easily destroys it, impressing Grazia. Loretta then suggests they flee to which Grazia agrees.

When the Great Mother invades Earth, Grazia notes the Try Line shop is open and not wanting to miss an opportunity to make the Blaze Brigade more known, heads into battle with Loretta and Norah. Norah runs off to battle the enemy and after Loretta remarks that she has a somewhat weak personality but Grazia states that she hasn't seen her in battle yet.

During a battle against the Ptolemaic Army, Grazia was visited by the ACE member Romy, who criticized her for her lack of progress despite holding numerous advantages. Grazia attempts to blame a new Ptolemaic Gigant, but Romy is unconvinced. Romy then sets off to destroy it within five minutes. True to her word, Romy destroys it within that time, leaving Grazia shocked and unable comprehend someone being better than her. Grazia is then taken by Loretta and Norah back to her room so they can make her feel better by praising her.

When her soldiers fall under attack by Bloom Metzelei, Grazia goes off to confront the Invader even though she has a disadvantage. Before the battle starts, Fedeln Metzelei arrives and annoys Bloom into leaving. Grazia orders Loretta to prepare her a rocket so she can chase Bloom, but she cannot perform the task and instead drags her commander back to base.


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