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Battle Kukku XV, better known as Great Battle Kukku is the main antagonist of the 1995 SEGA Game Gear game Tails Adventure. He is the leader of Battle Kukku Empire who invaded Cocoa Island to obtain Chaos Emeralds and use their power for world domination, but was stopped by one of its inhabitants, none other than Miles "Tails" Prower.


At the start of Tails Adventure, Battle Kukku's forces invade the Cocoa Island where Tails the Fox resides, starting by bombing Poloy Forest and waking the fox cub in the process. The Battle Kukku Empire's leader himself isn't seen until the very end of the game, as he confronts Tails on board of the Battle Fortress as the final boss. After he is defeated, the Battle Fortress plummets into the ocean as Tails escapes, presumably killing the dictator in the process and ending his threat once and for all.


Great Battle Kukku is a tall, slim anthropomorphic bird of an unknown species. He is covered in light brown feathers, with only his tail and neck having different colors, green and white respectively. He wears a red coat, green pants and a black hat with a skull-shaped insignia along with blue glasses, white gloves and high-heeled shoes.


Battle Kukku has no in-game dialogue, so most of his personality is left a mystery. The manuals for the game describe him as a maniacal dictator and the master of evil. This appear to be true, as he attacked a defenseless island, threatening the lives of its residents with no remorse, even though all he needed were the Chaos Emeralds. He also attempts to kill Tails who is still a child, through this was after he took down most of Kukku's soldiers.

Battle Kukku appears to be very arrogant, as he has a tendency to laugh often and keeps the same grin on his face throughout the battle, as well as having it in his only official art.

It's unknown if Battle Kukku cares for his son Speedy and how he reacted to his defeat and possible death.


  • According to the game manual, Great Battle Kukku possesses a verbal tic, tending to end his sentences with a rooster-like crow. His Archie Comics incarnation does let out one, but it resembles a cuckoo bird's crow more.
  • In the Archie Comics adaptation of Tails Adventure storyline, Battle Kukku (named Grand Battle Kukku XV) never interacts with Tails but still develops a hatred for the fox cub after he foiled his plans.


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