Great Emperor Kubilai is the deified ruler of the Fushigi World Fuuma and the main antagonist of Uchuu Keiji Shaider.

He was voiced by Shōzō Iizuka.


Long ago, Kubilai ruled the ancient Mu Empire and oppressed the humans under it, corrupting their hearts to be filled with evil. His reign was put to an end by the warrior Shaider, who cut off Kubilai's head from his body. While Kubilai's son Rahu and daughter-in-law were both killed, Kubilai was able to escape into space with his infant grandson.

Embedding his head into the wall of the Fushigi Palace, Kubilai formed the Fuuma, a cult centered around him, to continue his conquest and one day recreate the Mu Empire. Kubilai raised his grandson to be his loyal high priest, giving him the name Priest Poe and keeping Poe's true ancestry a secret from him.

In a campaign of terror, Kubilai and the Fuuma destroyed many planets across the universe before coming to Earth, which they decided to conquer rather than destroy so they could reestablish the Mu Empire. However, there they faced opposition from the Galactic Union Police's newest Space Sheriff, who was also the descendant of the original Shaider.

Kubilai came close to conquering the entire universe, leading Shaider to storm his palace and confront him. Kubilai was ultimately destroyed by Shaider stabbing him in his weak spot, his third eye, defeating the Fuuma before they could achieve universal domination.


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