Great Emperor Zero is the ruler of the Garanda Empire and the secondary antagonist in the second half of Kamen Rider Amazon. He answers to the mysterious Ruler and is later revealed to be a body double who poses for the real Zero. He wields a lance that he uses to execute traitors and failures alike.

He is portrayed by Hirohisa Nakata.


As Geddon's downfall, Great Emperor Zero and the Garanda Empire emerged to take their place in battling Amazon. Zero made a deal with Dobsonfly Beastmen of Geddon, promising him a position as an executive within the Garanda Empire in exchange for taking the GaGa Armlet Ten-Faced Demon Gorgos. After Gorgos was slain by Amazon, Zero's Followers claimed the sliced off arm of the Ten-Faced Demon which had the GaGa Armlet on it. Zero and the Garanda Empire subsequently began their own campaign to conquer Japan, deploying their Beastmen to cause havoc and fight Amazon.

After the plans of Garanda were continually thwarted by Amazon, Zero's master, the mysterious Ruler, appeared and advised that he go out and confront Amazon personally. Zero later hatched a plan to divide Japan's islands using a Helium Bomb, but Amazon caught onto it. Amazon infiltrated Garanda's base to uncover the location of the bomb and faced Zero, but Zero negated the GiGi Armlet's powers with his lance and captured him. Zero then had the GaGa Armlet brought out so they could extract the GiGi Armlet from Amazon's arm, but the GaGa Armlet instead fused with the GiGi Armlet and granted Amazon the power to break free. With the power of both Armlets, Amazon become immune to Zero's power and overpowered the tyrant, cutting off his arm. Zero then tries to free, only to in his haste accidentally activate his own pit trap and get impaled by the spikes within.


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