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The Great Evils are the seven Demons who rule the Burning Hells in the game Diablo. They are divided in two groups: the Lesser Four (minions) and the Prime Three (rulers).

The Lesser Evils

The Lesser Evils controlled their own Domains in the Burning Hells, but were always striving for more power. Belial and Azmodan united themselves to overthrow the Prime Evils, in a battle that became known as The Dark Exile. It was later revealed that this was actually a plan to obtain the power of the Soulstones, in order to enter the mortal plane with their full power, as Andariel and Duriel were acting on the Three's behalf during the second game.

The Prime Evils

The three brothers, who held absolute power over all of hell, and thus over the Lesser Four. They were both respected and feared by their minions and enemies. Altough they were backstabbed by the Lesser during the Dark Exile, they later used their help in the mortal plane during the events of Diablo II.


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