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Great Fred is a villainous character who appears in the Ex-Mutants and New Humans comic book series.

He is a giant warrior with a hockey mask over his face who wields a huge axe as a weapon.

When the Ex-Mutants kill his huge blonde assistant, Great Fred leaves his son at the door of their home, hoping that when he grows huge due to his own mutation. he will kill them and especially their saviour, Dr. Caius.

Unfortunately, the boy turns on him and he seemingly dies in an explosion set off by the good doctor.

Unfortunately for Caius's mother, Melissa, he suddenly turns up in London, England and seizes control from the mutant king.

Recognizing Russell, the blonde French member of the New Humans, he kidnaps him and brings him to the palace.  Unmasking before Russell, his face is now revealed to be that of Fred Flintstone.  


  • Fred Flintstone was originally intended to indeed have a son, but the idea was dropped before production began on the famous series.  Great Fred makes his appearance primarily as a villain of the New Humans, in issues one to three.  He claims that when the original Great Fred died, two more of him arose to take his place.
Screenshot (6)

The Great Fred

Screenshot (6)

The Great Fred

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