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The Great Goat is a major antagonist in the Conviction Arc in Berserk. A mysterious man wearing a goat head for a mask, he leads a cult devoted to sex and cannibalism.


The Great Goat was, at least outwardly, a very composed and quiet man. He also had a completely hedonistic side, as shown by his participation in the orgies performed by his cult. He partook in cannibalism. After he was transformed into an Apostle Spawn, he resorted to butchery of his remaining followers.

He developed a serious lust for Casca, who was mistaken to be a witch and therefore proof of his cult's faith. He immediately accepted his follower's plan to wed her to him. His transformation appeared to have turned him into a crazed beast, barely capable of forming complete sentences. He became single-mindedly obsessed with recapturing Casca, consummating his "marriage" with her, and killing her lover Guts. 


As a normal human, he amassed many followers who performed whatever his cult demanded of them. His transformation into a pseudo-Apostle gave him incredible strength and speed, allowing him to fight Guts evenly.


The Great Goat is first seen when Joachim is brought to his cult by Nina. He tries to induct the initially accommodating Joachim, but the boy snaps to his senses when he is offered a soup made of human flesh. The Great Goat's followers hunt Joachim to prevent him from telling the world of their actions, but he escapes.

Later, the cult members find Casca, whose Brand of Sacrifice summons multiple spirits. Believing her to be the Black Witch, the cultists capture Casca, wrap a crown of thorns around her head, and bring her to the Great Goat on a wooden throne. They offer her as a bride to their master, declaring that they will sacrifice Nina to celebrate the marriage. The ceremony is interrupted by both a group of Holy Knights and a group of spirits summoned by Casca's Brand. The Great Goat tries to escape, but is impaled by the Egg of the Perfect World and transformed into a monstrous pseudo-Apostle. He kills many Holy Knights and his own followers with his newfound power before once again trying to consummate his union with Casca. Guts shows up just in time to save her, and decapitates the transformed Great Goat in the ensuing battle.

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