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To be halted like this, when I was on the verge of seizing every world that exists... it is beyond what can be forgiven!
~ Boccowaus upon learning that Ijirude has yet to conquer the final world in the Tojitendo's multiversal conquest.

Our world!
~ Boccowaus' final words before his death

Great King Boccowaus is a colossal circuit board-like being who lords over the Tojitendo and the main antagonist of the 45th Super Sentai series, Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger.

He seeks to conquer the entire multiverse and bring all their worlds under his thumb. Prior to coming to the world of the Zenkaigers, Boccowaus took over numerous other realities, including those of the other Super Sentai, by trapping them in Tojiru Gears.

He is voiced by Joji Nakata, who previously portrayed several other Super Sentai villains included Sir Cowler, Great Professor Bias, Azald and Tankjoh.


Under Boccowaus' instruction, the Tojitendo invaded numerous parallel worlds and trapped them in Tojiru Gears to harness their power. Eventually, they were able to lock up every parallel universe, including the 44 worlds of the Super Sentai, leaving only one world remaining. After one month, Boccowaus demanded a status report from Ijirude on the status of the invasion of the final world. Ijirude reported that it was still the only world left, to which Boccowaus expressed his fury at the fact that they still had not made progress on the invasion. Ijirude explained that, for an unexplained reason, they were unable to trap the world in a Tojiru Gear and that, furthermore, a chunk of Kikaitopia had somehow fused with it. Gege then suggested that they just invade it with their ground forces and expand the Tojitendo's territory, to which Boccowaus agreed and appointed Barashitara to lead the invasion. Summoning up a force of Kudakk, Barashitara attacked the world, only to be met by Zenkaizer and ZenkaiJuran of the Zenkaigers.

After witnessing the power of the Geartozinger wielded by Stacey, Boccowaus commended Ijirude for his engineering talent. When Stacey's summons suddenly disappeared however, Boccowaus demanded an explanation from Ijirude, who stated that Stacey had summoned so many mechas the Gear had run out of power.

Following Stacaeser's defeat at the hands of Twokaizer, Boccowaus demanded another explanation from Ijirude and pounded his fist so hard it caused Ijirude to fall over. Ijirude told Boccowaus he would develop a countermeasure at once before getting up and telling Stacey to come with him.

Boccowaus was furious to hear from Barashitara that Twokaizer was still on the loose and pounded his fist with enough force to send Barashitara flying in the air. Gege then told him to calm down and noted that Ijirude was already working on a countermeasure to him. Boccowaus then inquired if the Zenkaigers and Twokaizer teaming up would be a problem, but Barashitara stated he found the Zenkaigers joining forces with Twokaizer to be unlikely. He was proven to be right when Zox Goldtsuiker refused to join the Zenkaigers after the defeat of Great Noon World, opting to instead operate on his own.

As Onigokko World gave his report and Barashitara and Gege commented on the progress he was making, Boccowaus ordered the World to go back out into the field and continue making people "it".

Boccowaus would later ask Barashitara what the status was on his next plan, to which Barashitara answered that it would be in motion shortly. Gege then told Barashitara not to screw up, as Boccowaus' pressure was on the rise, leading Boccowaus to give Gege a pet for being considerate.

Having witnessed Barashitara's scheme involving the Recycle World, Boccowaus inquired into his plan to play the Zenkaigers and World Pirates against each other. Barashitara answered by noting their differing motives and stated he believed he could get them to fight by creating a situation where the Zenkaigers' selfless motives conflicted with the World Pirates' more selfish ones. Boccowaus then noted how Twokaizer appeared to be searching for the Tojiru Gears, to which Gege commended Barashitara for making use of intel Ijirude looked over.


  • Great King Boccowaus is the first villain leader since Dogranio Yaboon from 2018 TV series called Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger who shows up in the beginning of the season.
  • His name is a pun on "wreck it" in Japanese (ぶっ壊す Bukkowasu).


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