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Great Land Devil Gadoma

Great Land Devil Gadoma is the demonic monster who was created by Dark Species Deboss and themed after a cemetery.

Character History

During his battle with the Zyudenryu eons ago, Gadoma wiped out the Guardians before Bragigas mortally wounded the monster with the Gigant Cannon.

Though weakened, Gadoma drags Bragigas underground in what becomes the lake bed of Lake Madō. However, Chaos has a piece of Gadoma fished out of the lake before it dries out when the Kyoryugers revive Bragigas. It has the Grave Enormous Power to distort the Brave of the Kyoryugers and can shoot the Grave Shooting Beam from his face.

Modus and Arsenal

  • Sheer physical strength
  • Brave-distorting curse
  • Black energy "lightning"


  • Height: 71.9 m: giant
  • Weight: 584.4 t: giant

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