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Villain Overview

The word "defeat" doesn't exist in my computer memory.
~ Great Professor Bias.
What are you waiting for?! That was an order to all of you.
~ Bias ordering his followers to kill Gou in episode 41.
Great Professor Bias: What's this?
Gash: They're fireworks, fireworks to celebrate the success of your world domination, Bias-sama.
Great Professor Bias: Oh, I see. How wonderful... Can you hear it? Those voices...
Gash: Yes. All of humanity is cheering for you, Bias-sama. VIVA BIAS!
~ The now elderly Bias's final moments before dying in Zuno Base, convinced of his victory by Guardnoid Gash.

Great Professor Bias is the leader of Armed Brain Army Volt and the main antagonist of Choujuu Sentai Liveman.

He is a super-intelligent scientist with knowledge in seemingly all fields. He founded Volt as a place for elite geniuses to work to conquer the world, in order to create a new world order ruled by the most intelligent in society. His followers hold him as a god, and he often offers guidance to them in their schemes. While he appears to care about his students, in truth he sees them only as pawns and the true reason he founded Volt is to complete the mind controlling thought pattern energy called the Giga Brain Wave.

Though appearing to be in his thirties, Bias is in fact a man generations old, having managed to stay alive by extracting the brains of his past eleven followers and using them for the Giga Brain Wave to keep himself young. His ultimate goal is to lead one of his students to obtain a 1000 IQ and extract their brain to complete the Giga Brain Wave, allowing him to use it to mass hypnotize the entire Earth into worshipping him and rule over humanity as a god.

He was portrayed by Jouji Nakata, who is known for his voice acting role as Kazuya Mishima in Tekken series and Kirei Kotomine in Fate series. His child form was portrayed by Kentaro Ishizeki.



A photograph of a younger Bias taken at an unknown point.

At some point in the distant past, Bias devised a way to become immortal using a concept called the "Giga Brain Wave", in which he would absorb energy from the minds of 12 people with IQs of 1,000 in order to use their power to become god. In pursuit of this, Bias took on a number of followers and educated them until their IQs reached 1,000, at which point he extracted their brains to use for the Giga Brain Wave and maintain his youth. Bias performed this procedure eleven times, until he needed only one more brain to gain the power to mass hypnotize humanity.

Taking on New Students

Bias founded the Armed Brain Army Volt and sent messages to two Academia students he thought showed promise, Kenji Tsugikata and Rui Senda, giving them quizzes to complete to prove their genius before allowing them to join. Both passed but their colleague, Gou Omura, found out and pleaded with them to be let into Volt as well, even though he had not been sent a quiz. Despite this, Bias decided to allow him to join out of pity and to give his other students someone to compete against. On the eve the three were supposed to leave to join Volt, they were confronted by five of their colleagues, Takuji Yano, Mari Aikawa, Yusuke Amamiya, Megumi Misaki and Jou Ohara. Kemp attempted to gun them down, killing Takuji and Mari, before the three on board a shuttle to travel to the Brain Base and meet Bias. Under Bias' tutelage the three took up new names and became much more cold-hearted, viewing themselves as superior to other humans and seeking to use their scientific knowledge to subjugate humanity under them.

At some point early on into his joining Volt, Gou stumbled into a secret chamber of the Brain Base and witnessed Bias in his brain room absorbing energy from his eleven disembodied brains, but kept quiet about it for fear of what would happen if he spoke up.

Two years after recruiting his three students, Bias sent them to lead an attack on Academia Island and massacre their former colleagues. After shooting down a space shuttle containing several Academia students and having Boffler Fighters attack the building, the three ex-Academia alumni were confronted by Yusuke, Megumi and Jou, who became the Livemen to avenge Takuji and Mari and stop their sinister goals. Bias was unfazed by the appearance of the Livemen and simply used them as a way to spur his students to study harder in order to come up with ways to defeat them. In order to motivate his students to become smarter, Bias brought in gang leader Arashi Busujima and modified him, amplifying his intelligence and turning him into the cybernetic Doctor Ashura in order to give his three students a competitor.

Educating his Students

Bias smirking as he sees his students become more competitive with each other.

To further spur on his students' creativity, Bias constructed two robots, Guildos and Butchy, and programmed them to believe they were aliens who had come to Earth from across the universe to be recruited into Volt and study under Bias. At the same time, after Obular was defeated by the Livemen and lost the energy he needed to maintain his monster form, Bias deemed him a failure and excised him from the Volt. Determined to prove himself, after Kemp created a Brain Beast based on him Obular became Monster Obular one more time to defeat the Livemen and prove himself, only to be persuaded to leave the Volt by his mother.

Not long after Gou's departure, Bias assigned a new homework for his five students, to each synthesize a special extremely dense metal called "Gigazo", which was needed for his upcoming "Giga Plan". After the Giga Plan was unveiled to be a massive robot known as the "Giga Volt", Kemp, who had completed his homework first, was allowed to pilot it as a reward. The Giga Volt easily defeated the Livemen in their Live Robo, only for two new mecha to appear and assist the Livemen. After the two mecha combined into Live Boxer and caused Kemp to be trapped in the Giga Volt's own Giga Field, Bias allowed Ashura to hijack the Giga Volt from him and pilot it against the Livemen. However, after Tetsuya and Junichi, the younger brothers of the late Takuji and Mari respectively, joined the team, the Livemen used the combined powers of all five mecha to destroy the Giga Volt. Though disappointed in the loss of the Giga Volt, Bias was unfazed as his plans continued to stay on track. He used the rivalry his human students had with the "alien" students to spur them to study harder and become smarter.

Bias after temporarily reverting to his true age.

His plans became compounded however when Gou returned and regained his memories. Fearing that Gou might give the Livemen a clue to his true plans based on what he had witnessed while in Volt, Bias ordered all of his students to eliminate Gou. However, the Livemen were able to fight off Kemp and his Invisible Brain and protect Gou. After bringing him to safety, the Livemen learned from Gou of what he had seen in Bias's Brain Room. Deciding it was time to eliminate the Livemen, Bias sent Bomb Brain to plant a special device on Tetsuya of the Livemen, allowing Bias to take control of Tetsuya with his Giga Brain setup and mind control him into letting Bomb Brain into the Livemen's Gran Tortoise base and planting bombs everywhere. However, the Livemen were able to free Tetsuya from Bias' influence and stop the bombs before they could go off before destroying Bomb Brain. The exertion from controlling Tetsuya caused Bias to age again, but he regained his youth from absorbing energy from the 11 brains.

It was after this that Guildos became dissatisfied with the tutelage he had received from Bias, believing that as a Guildian he was far superior to the humans of Volt and deserved a higher score than them. Guildos unveiled his new Brain Beast Guild Brain, which he created from a piece of himself, and went out with it to battle the Livemen. During the fight however, Guildos became unveiled as a robot after his supposed "infinite life energy" ran out. Unable to process the fact that he was a robot and not an alien as he had been programmed to believe, Guildos died screaming at Bias and demanding an answer from him.

Bias with Butchy's remote control.

After Guildos' demise, Butchy scanned himself and was shocked to find that he too was a robot underneath his tissue. Butchy went to ask Bias about it and how he could be a robot when he had happy memories of studying on his home planet of Chibuchi, to which Bias nonchalantly revealed that those memories were fake and that the true reason he had created Butchy and Guildos was to motivate his students to try harder. Bias then told Butchy that, as he was created by Volt, he had to continue serving under him and demonstrated the remote control he had that could take control of Butchy. Bias then sent Butchy out to rampage through a city with the Reckless Brain, but during the attack the Livemen noticed that Butchy was weeping. Butchy briefly got distracted listening to some Earth music until Bias had 300 points deducted from his grade, leading Butchy to resume his rampage. However, Megumi took notice and played a song on her keyboard to get Butchy to stop. Megumi asked Butchy to leave the Volt and stay on Earth with her. Though Bias deducted all of his points down to 0, Butchy chose to accept Megumi's offer and leave Volt, only for Bias to then activate the self destruct mechanism he placed in Butchy and kill him, leading Butchy to explode before Megumi's eyes.

Obtaining a 1000 IQ

After Bias presented all his students' scores, Ashura attempted to use Hacker Brain to absorb more knowledge from computers so he'd be able to boost his score of 600 to above Kemp and Mazenda's 900s. When his score didn't change however, Ashura had Hacker Brain access the Volt's computer system to see if something was wrong, only for it to inadvertently access Bias' Giga Brain System instead. To prevent any knowledge of his true plans from getting out, Bias fired a laser from his ring at Ashura that reverted him back to Arashi Busujima, causing him to lose his high intelligence. Bias then announced to Kemp and Mazenda that whichever one of them reached an IQ of 1000 first would rule the Earth by his side. Kemp attempted to boost his score first by using Battle Brain to destroy the Livemen, but his Brain Beast was defeated by them in part thanks to Arashi sacrificing his life to destroy it.

Mazenda then made her attempt to destroy the Livemen by using a system she had developed to summon the ghosts of past Brain Beasts and combine them into the Nightmare Brain. Gou attempted to reach out to her and tell her of Bias's true plans, but Mazenda refused to believe him and headed to Earth to deal with the Livemen personally. She would then become the first of Bias's students to achieve a 1000 IQ, only for Gash to come up behind her immediately after she did so and hold a knife to her head, revealing that what Gou had said about Bias's plans was true. Gou then attacked Gash and distracted him to give Mazenda a chance to escape. Gash easily pushed Gou aside and went to pursue Mazenda, but was blocked by the five Livemen. While the five Livemen held off Gash, Mazenda, realizing she had no way out, used a failsafe to fully roboticize her brain so Bias couldn't extract it. Having no more use for her, Bias fired a homing beam from his ring that fatally wounded her and caused her to perish.

Completing the Giga Brain Wave

Bias using the Giga Brain Wave to take over Earth.

The revelation of Bias's Giga Brain plan caused Kemp to go completely insane. Despite this, it did not waver his loyalty and he deludedly believed that if he went along with it, he would be able to rule the Earth by Bias's side. After faking a defection in order to get close to the team, Kemp defeated all five Livemen and reached an IQ of 1,000. Gash immediately extracted Kemp's brain from his body and brought it back to the Brain Base, while Kemp's brainless body transformed into the Fear Beast Brain. With Kemp's disembodied brain, Bias was able to complete the Giga Brain Wave. Now with a permanent sustained immortality, Bias used the completed Giga Brain Wave to mass hypnotize the entire Earth (including four of the five Livemen) into bowing before him and hailing him as their ruler.

Young Bias holding the brain of Doctor Kemp.

Unbeknownst to Bias and Gash, Yusuke had managed to board Gash's shuttle just before it took off and sneak aboard the Brain Base. Gash and a horde of Jimmers attempted to stop Yusuke, but Yusuke became Red Falcon and fought through them before uncovering Bias's Brain Room and entering it to confront him. Faced by Red Falcon, Bias boasted that he had now become a god and attempted to kill the Livemen leader, but Red Falcon managed to impale Bias on his sword before shooting and damaging Bias's Giga Brain setup, stopping the Giga Brain Wave and causing him to revert to his true age. However, Bias was able to sustain his life by absorbing energy from the brain of Kemp, though his body reverted to that of a child's in the process. Proclaiming himself "Young King Bias", Bias and Gash managed to incapacitate Yusuke and tied him to a cross. Bias then created the Electron Brain and had the Brain Base descend into Earth's atmosphere in a final attempt to invade Earth. While having the Electron Brain use its power to level an entire city, Bias dined and taunted Yusuke. However, the Livemen and Colon then attacked the Brain Base in Super Live Robo and caused it to crash into the ground.

As Bias emerged from the wreckage, Yusuke met back up with his friends to face the Volt in a final showdown. Gash and the Electron Brain then fought against the Livemen while Bias fled to a cave with the brain of Kemp. Blue Dolphin took notice of him and went after him alone, but found she could not bring herself to shoot a child, even it was Bias. Bias then mocked her for her hesitance and zapped her using Kemp's brain, forcing her out of her transformation. Megumi then attempted to persuade Bias to start a new life now that he was a child, but Bias continued to rebuff her and attempted to use Kemp's brain to kill Megumi. However, Kemp became inspired by Megumi's words and rallied the spirits of Bias' previous victims to stop him, causing the effects of the Giga Brain Wave to nullify and for Bias to revert to his true age. Gash then appeared to escort the now-aging Bias back to the Brain Base while the Electron Brain and a team of remaining Jimmers held off the Livemen. Red Falcon then went to confront both by himself and slashed off Gash's arm, only to leave to assist his teammates against the final Brain Beast.

Bias dies while believing Gash's words that he has won.

After the Livemen destroyed the Electron Brain, Gash brought Bias back to the Brain Base and Bias ordered him to start the Base's main engine to go off into space, only for the damage the Base sustained in its crash to cause it to malfunction. Bias then asks Gash what the explosions are and Gash answers that Volt succeeded in taking over the Earth, and the explosions are from fireworks to celebrate his victory. Hallucinating the voices of the people of Earth calling out his name, Bias asks Gash if he can hear them too, to which Gash says he can. Right after Gash declares "VIVA BIAS", the Brain Base would collapse in on them and kill Bias while blowing Gash's head outside, causing Bias to die while believing he had won.


Bias smirks in episode 43 as everything goes according to his plans.

On his face, Bias is an affable but stern man committed to educating his students and guiding them to become smarter. While ruler of Volt, he tends to be hands off in regards to the schemes of his followers, allowing them to come up with their own individual plans to defeat the Livemen and judging their talent and effectiveness as they do so. He gives out compliments to his students when they make a breakthrough or a new discovery, and often gives them words of encouragement. He is not concerned so much with individual losses and instead views defeats as opportunities for them to learn and gain more knowledge. At the same time, he will scold his students if he notices a particular streak of incompetence among them, and is not above disciplining his students through things like zapping them with his ring to make a point, though he typically makes sure to convey what exactly it is that his students are doing wrong or faltering at.

In addition to his near-boundless knowledge of seemingly all scientific fields, Bias is also a very charismatic manipulator and effective judge of character, having taken advantage of Kenji and Rui's egotism along with Gou's insecurities to lure them into joining Volt and becoming his pawns. Because of this Bias is very skilled at corrupting others into abandoning their humanities, instilling into his followers the belief that humans are weak by being emotion-driven and need a select circle of super-geniuses to rule over them, leading his students to each strive to become more cold-hearted and monstrous in different ways. He is also shown to quite ruthless in his manipulations, remorselessly incorporating outsiders like Gou and Arashi into his plans to use as pawns or, in the case of Guildos and Butchy, programming them with fake memories and personalities simply to spur his other students to try harder.

Underneath his charismatic and cool persona however is a power-hungry and megalomaniacal man who desires nothing less than to see the entire world worship him and hail him as a god. Bias believes only he is deserving of being ruler of humanity, and uses the cult of personality his subordinates have constructed around him in order to justify his goals. While he believes he is doing the right thing, Bias is quite self-centered and heartless towards those around him, willing to cause countless deaths and destruction in the name of his ideology. He will happily sacrifice others purely to enrich himself, trapping 11 of his followers in a madness-inducing state where they are alive but unable to do anything all in order to sustain his own life. Despite this, Bias seems to have a particular fondness for his robot enforcer Gash, though that may be because Gash is his only subordinate that's in on his true plans and is programmed to be loyal to him no matter what.

As his plans near completion Bias noticeably gets more frantic, ordering Gou's death to ensure nothing will get out that spoils his plans and stripping Arashi of his powers after he stumbles onto files for his Giga Brain Wave. At the same time he also acts more encouraging to his students in order to ensure they stay on the path he has planned so he can dispose of them when the time is right.

When his body de-ages to that of a child, Bias seems to get more petty and pompous, dining in front of a captured Yusuke while having the Electron Brain cause havoc and destruction around them. He mocks Megumi's offer of redemption, viewing it as inconceivable that he would abandon his ambitions. After reverting to his true age however, Bias starts to get more delirious and becomes increasingly disconnected from the world around him, even hallucinating people cheering his name and spending his final moments believing he had won.


  • Among a franchise full of outright villains, Bias is one of the few particular Sentai villains whose don't think themselves as evil, similar to Brajira of the Messiah.
  • Bias is also one of the few Sentai villains to technically succeed in his goals, though it later undone.
  • The villain in the 30th episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Great Scientist Zaien, pays homage to Bias, due to appearing in an episode tribute to Liveman and is also voiced by Joji Nakata.
  • Bias is Joji Nakata's final live-action role in Sentai franchise so far, since he later joins the franchise as a voice actor of later Sentai villains like the aforementioned Great Scientist Zaien from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (of which is the franchise's 35th anniversary series), Azald from Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger (of which is the franchise's 40th anniversary series) and Tankjo in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.
  • Because of the competitive nature he fosters in his students and his insistence on studying harder, Bias is often seen as a satire of Japan's largely test-based education system.


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