The Great Prophet is a minor antagonist in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Dig 2

The Great Prophet was not seen or talked about, but he created or helped create the Doomsday Cult and place Fen in a totem.

He was seen later on after Dorothy went deep into the Temple of the Destroyer, where he called Fen 'the Great Light' but was confronted by Dorothy to tell her where Rusty is. The Prophet had no idea and decided to fight against the two, leaving him to be destroyed. The Cultists were still active without him though.

Powers and Abilities

Just like the priest Cultists, the Great Prophet has the ability to Teleport and summon four flames at once. However he can double his flame powers and change the area he is in when he is at low health.


  • He is the only Doomsday Cultist that looks different to the rest, this is possibly because his is one of their leaders.


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