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Rupert Puttkin, better known as the "Great Puttinski", is an antagonist from the animated TV series Codename: Kids Next Door. Puttkin is a world champion Miniature Golf player who takes the sport very seriously, insisting on it being called "miniature golf" rather than "mini golf" and taking offense to it being called a "game". He is a very rude, nerdy, and obnoxious person who lives with his mother.

He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.


In "Operation: M.I.N.I.G.O.L.F.", Sector V comes across Rupert and Numbuh 2 challenges him to a game of mini golf after he makes some extremely opprobrious and rude comments to them. Despite never even having played the sport before in his life, Numbuh 2 beats Rupert in mini golf, stripping him of his champion title and publicly humiliating him. This causes Rupert to go insane, donning a costume and dubbing himself the "Great Puttinski".

He uses a miniaturization ray to shrink several famous monuments from around the world and uses them to build a miniature golf course in his basement. The following night, The Great Puttinski comes to the Sector V Treehouse and shrinks Numbuh 2 to the size of a golf ball, bringing him to his basement for a "rematch". The final hole of the course is the "Flaming Hole of Doom", which travels into the center of the Earth. Should Rupert get a hole-in-one, the miniaturization ray will fire down the hole and shrink the entire world to the size of a golf ball. Numbuh 2 is used as the "ball", and is shot into the windmill hole, beginning the shrinking process.

However, as the windmill continues to spin, he is launched off of it and ricochets off of a light bulb onto a switch on the machine, changing its mode from "smallify" to "bigify". The ray hits Puttkin, causing him to grow into a giant and step on his golf course. Eventually, Numbuh 2, who is still flying around the room, flies into his face and knocks him out. He was also seen at several villain meetings, and in "Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S.", he was in his basement playing golf until his golf club mysteriously disappeared.


Rupert is incredibly rude. When he accidentally hits Numbuh 2 with his golf ball, he demands it back without apologizing. He mocks Numbuh 2 for his weight and calls Sector V snot nosed kids. He also is very arrogant and takes miniature golf very seriously, always snapping and "correcting" people when they shorten the name of the sport to mini golf. After losing to Numbuh 2, he goes nuts and tries to murder him in a rigged game and shrink the Earth to the size of a golf ball so he could play miniature golf with the entire universe.


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