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The Great Star League Gozma (in Japanese: 大星団ゴズマ) are a group of alien invaders who have conquered hundreds of planets all across the universe and the main antagonists of Dengeki Sentai Changeman.


While some members joined willingly, most were recruited into the Gozma after Star King Bazeu invaded their planets and threatened to obliterate them unless they pledged loyalty to him.

After invading and conquering countless planets across the universe, the Gozma eventually set their sights on Earth and launch an attack on it, only to be repelled by the Changeman. Though the Gozma's goal was ostensibly to conquer the universe, the true purpose of the organization was to conquer and prepare planets to be consumed by Bazeu, who was secretly a planet-sized being known as Gozma Star who consumed planets to become more powerful.

The Gozma would eventually meet their end with all of their members either being killed or defecting, before Bazeu himself was destroyed when the Changeman destroyed his true form as Gozma Star with Change Robo.


Mothership Gozmard

Gozmard Ep54.jpg

The Gozmard is the flagship of the Gozma forces, a powerful starship within which the generals of Gozma receive orders from Star King Bazeu and plot their attacks. It served as the headquarters for Gozma's Earth invasion, headed by General Giluke initially.

It is packed with immense firepower and is capable of dispensing Gozma Fighters from inside it.

In the finale it was used by Giluke for his final attack on Earth. After Giluke was defeated, the Gozmard was commandeered by Commander Yui Ibuki and the Changemen to find Bazeu. The Gozmard was ultimately destroyed by Bazeu in an attempt to kill the Changemen.

Gozma Fighters

Gozma Fighters Ep16.jpg

The Gozma Fighters are the main aerial forces of the Great Star League Gozma. They are used for air and space combat and are capable of firing out electric beams in order to attack. They are controlled from within a single cockpit with only enough room for just one pilot.

They typically fly in arrangements of two though just as often fly solo. They are often used by the Gozma to bomb targets on the ground, as well as to attack the Changemen or hassle them in Change Robo.




  • Gozma is introduced as the first universal evil organization in Super Sentai franchise.



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