Great Tiger was the final antagonist of the Tiger Mask anime series, the leader of the lair of the tigers, who had no other choices but to fight against Tiger Man in a desperate battle in order to avenge his fellow companions which were Mister X, King Tiger, Big Tiger and Black Tiger.


Great Tiger appears as a tall and muscled man with a mask of a white tiger.


In the past he assumed the identity of Black Mystery and won every fight in which he took part in order to damage the figure and emotions of Tiger Mask, later after the betrayal of the latter he asked Mister X to deal with him.

The day after the death of Mister X, he challenged Tiger Mask in a fight to the death and stated that he knows all of his moves and abilities.

In the final battle, he was able to destroy the mask of his opponent and hitting him with several deadly moves, but the latter was able to survive and block him on the chandelier above the stage, which dropped on the ring and killed him thus ending his life and his organization.


  • He shares many similarities with the Tekken character Armor King.
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