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The Greebles are recurring antagonists in the Skylanders series.


Skylanders: SWAP-Force

The Greebles were first seen in Chapter 1 - Mount Cloudbreak, where Tessa and Flynn are being attacked by the Greebles on small aircrafts where they shoot Chompys after Flynn's ship. Then the Greebles get onto the ship where the Skylander has to fight them.

The Greebles had attacked Tessa's village Woodburrow and are still there causing all sorts of problems. The Skylanders have to help the villagers. On the way to the village the Skylander encounter more Greebles with cannons (aka Grebles Screwballs) in Canopy Cave. In the end at Woodburrow Landing the skylanders defeat more Greebles with cannons.

In the cutscene prior to Cascade Glade some Greebles are polishing a statue of Kaos sitting on top of Glumshanks. Kaos is complaining about the way they are polishing it. He tells that they are not evil enough. He then shows Glumshanks his invention the Evilizer where he uses petrified darkness to turn whatever he hits more evil. He the uses it on some Greeblers who get turned more evil and then attack Glumshanks.

The Evilized Greebles appear for the first time in Chapter 2 - Cascade Glade. They serve Kaos for the rest of the gameplay. Some of the Evilized Greebles have blunderbuss' as their weapon, then they are called Greeble Blunderbusses. The second largest Greebles are called Greeble Ironclads. There are also pirate-based Evilized Greebles, they are called Pirate Powderkegs and can be found in Iron Jaw Gulch. The same place as the Pirate Slamspins can be found. The Greeble Heavers have a weapon very similar in shape to a vacuum cleaner.

Skylanders: Trap Team

The Greebles were briefly mentioned by Flynn.


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