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You got lucky, monkeyboy.
~ Green before fleeing from Sun.

Green is a minor antagonist of the RWBY novel series, appearing in the 2020 novel RWBY: Before the Dawn. He is a member of The Crown.



Green is the most enigmatic of the mentioned members of the Crown; it is unknown if he was brainwashed by Jax Asturias or joined the organization of his own free will. Speculation is that he is a brainwashed Huntsman, as the details regarding his name and fate are never revealed unlike the other members of the Crown.

RWBY: Before the Dawn

Green serves the Crown, stalking and kidnapping people for Jax to brainwash or Gillian Asturias to siphon the Aura from. On one mission where he, Argento Pocoron, and Rosa Schwein stalked and planned to kidnap a woman, they were confronted by Sun Wukong. The three of them attack Sun, but Sun is outnumbered. When Velvet Scarlatina and Yatsuhashi Daichi come to help, Green and his comrades escape with aid from his Semblance.

Later, Fox Alistair and Coco Adel spot a merchant being stalked by Green and Argento. The two attempt to kidnap the man, but the students intervene. Coco and Fox chase Argento and Green to the Mirage, and the criminals escape inside. Coco and Fox are unsure of the passphrase required to get in, and cannot follow. Green is later seen in the Mirage when Yatsuhashi sneaks in.

As the Crown prepares to attack, Rosa and Argento are sent to warn the twins' father to get out of Vacuo before it falls. He later tells this to Teams CFVY and SSSN, aiding them in finding the Crown.

Green later participates in the Battle of Shade. Though the Crown fails, Green's fate is never revealed; if he was a brainwashed Huntsman, he was freed from Jax's control and set free. If he joined the Crown by his own will, he was imprisoned.

Powers and Abilities

Green's Semblance is Smoke, which allows him to excrete a foul-smelling, potentially toxic smoke from his skin. The smoke can make others choke and cough, as well as obstructs vision. This smoke is visually reminiscent to the black vapor that Grimm excrete when they die. It is possible that Green is vulnerable to his own smoke, as he wears a gas mask.

Green does not use weapons, but rather wrestling-like moves and hand-to-hand combat.

Like all other living creatures possessing a soul, Green has an Aura, an extension of his soul that serves as a defensive shield around his body that can heal minor wounds, though enough damage can deplete and eventually break it.


Green is enigmatic, but seems to be arrogant. He mocks his enemies, and thinks that they "got lucky" when he is forced to retreat. He is sure of his abilities, but knows when to run.


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