The Green Handed Zombie is a mascot for the Zombie Flesh Eaters films, primarily "appearing" in the Italian films Zombi 2 and Zombie 3 (marked as Zombie Flesh Eaters and Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 in the United Kingdom respectively).


Zombi 2/ Zombie Flesh Eaters

The Green Handed Zombie is one of many zombie inhabitants on an island roamed by the undead. The Green Handed Zombie attacks one of the female characters by breaking its way into a house she is in. The Green Handed Zombie then grabs her and pulls her slowly towards a bit of wood sticking out of the door, causing her to have her eye gouged out.

Zombi 3/ Zombie Flesh Eaters 2

In the standalone sequel, the Green Handed Zombie makes a cameo.

After Death/ Zombie Flesh Eaters 3

This unrelated film After Death is not connected to the previous Zombi films, however in the United Kingdom is marketed as a sequel under the name of Zombie Flesh Eaters 3. As such, the Green Handed Zombie appears on the cover.