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Green Mantis is a Destructoid of the DARK organization and an antagonist in episode 2 of the Android Kikaider Tokusatsu series.

He is voiced by Teiji Omiya, who also voiced Red Hakaider in Kikaider 01.


Green Mantis first appeared to attack Jiro, but Jiro managed to fight him off. Posing as Dr. Komyoji, Green Mantis murdered Dr. Komyoji's friend Dr. Ishigami and framed the doctor for it. Later, disguised as a police officer along with some Android Men, Green Mantis lured Dr. Komyoji's daughter Mitsuko and son Masaru into a trap by claiming to want to take them in for questioning. They soon dropped their disguises when Mitsuko was in their custody but Masaru suspected something was off beforehand and managed to escape. As they were driving away with Mitsuko, Kikaider attacked their car and freed Mitsuko. Green Mantis then got out and battled Kikaider once more. While initially seeming to overpower the android, Kikaider was able to fight off Green Mantis and destroyed him.


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