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May heaven have pity on your soul, how dare you spill my blood for your wrong doing
~ The Green Witch

The Green Witch is the villainous main protagonist of Knott's Scary Farm 2012. She has a variety of minions such as The Pumpkin Twins, Vampires and Halloween Ghouls, she appears everywhere in the park and has a desire to haunt the dreams of all children.

She also has a haunted house called Trick or Treat, which she waits inside alongside some of her minions in order to terrorize anyone who dares enter.


Like many malevolent witches she is also a seeker of vengeance, having been condemned to hanging in the past she killed her prosecutor and has since become deeply misanthropic, seeking to ruin the world in a manner very similar to the "wicked witch" of legend.

She also have a hiding place called the witch cavern, who go to be open soon and where's she go to wait for the visitor to come inside. So she can scare them for enjoy their fear more then ever, her minions will again continue to haunt people too.

She also appear during the maze reveal, where she offer a gift to the audience, introducing all the new monsters in her maze who are The Deadly Seven.


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