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Janet Bhai, also known as Greenback Jane, is a minor character in the anime Black Lagoon. She is a professional money counterfeiter and hacker from India. She served as the leader for her project team, which was spread around the world but was connected thanks to the internet, and is quite knowledgeable on the details of the dollar bill. Coincidentally, she falls in love with Benny after he displays his hacking skills and currently seems to be having an internet romance with him. One of the running gags of her story arc is her clumsiness and poor luck, which usually result in her being subject to a pantyshot. After the Lovelace incident, Janet returns to Roanapur searching out Benny and the team. She, with help of her counterfeiting group, hacks a server of the "Rainbach AG" Corporation and makes a scapegoat of a PLA spy. Jane is apparently a nymphomaniac, though Benny calls it "a bit broad-minded as far as sex goes." Revy replies that "if that's "a bit", then Death Valley is a sand pit in a park."


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