Greene Planet is the main antagonistic faction of the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace. It is a environmentalist corporation that serves as a front to the terrorist organization Quantum and was founded and led by Quantum member Dominic Greene.


Greene Planet was founded by Greene to buy up large sums of land for ecological preservation, but in truth, it was nothing more than a front for Quantum to control various commodities such as oil and water.

As it turns out, Greene has formulated a plot in helping the exiled Bolivian general Luiz Medrano in overthrowing the Bolivian government by offering him funds and weaponry for the coup, and in return, Medrano would hand over a portion of the land to Greene Planet to utilize its vast resources. To that end, Greene bribed CIA chief Gregg Beam with a supply of oil to ignore Quantum's affairs with Bolivia and Colonel Carlos into murdering French agent Mathis and framing James Bond to cover their tracks.

During Greene and Medrano's meeting at the Eco Hotel, Medrano signs up all the paperwork befor being presented with a new contract: he will allow Quantum to use Bolivia's sole water utility company to sell at higher rates. At first, Medrano refuses to sign this new contract, but Greene silently threatens to have him replaced if he doesn't comply, daring Medrano to shoot him if he wishes to. Medrano reluctantly signed the contract and received his share of the money as promised.

However, Bond and his partner Camille Montes arrived to kill off all of Greene's thugs and Medrano's men before confront Greene and Medrano. While Montes shoots Medrano to his death, Bond abandons Greene in the desert with a can of oil as a final insult towards him for murdering MI6 agent Strawberry Fields. Greene would be executed by members of SPECTRE (the parent company of Quantum) as punishment for his failure. It can be implied that Greene Planet was shut down following Greene's death.




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