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"Come here, you!".
~ Greg's last words before he gets arrested following the exposure of his abusive ill-treatment towards ex-girlfriend Sally Webster.

Greg Kelly in a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street. He served as the show's secondary antagonist from 1998 to 1999. After first appearing as the illegitimate long-lost son of Les Battersby, one of the show's major characters, Grey's main storyline revolved on his relationship and physical abuse towards co-protagonist Sally Webster. He was eventually exposed for his abusive actions and was consequently arrested.

He was portrayed by Stephen Billington.



Greg was born in 1971 to Les and Moira Kelly. By the time of Greg's birth, Les had left Moira, though it should be noted he did not know she was pregnant. By 1998, Greg was rather wealthy and he hired a private investigator to track Les Down.

Coronation Street

Greg and Les' relationship got off to a rough start when Les wrongly thought Greg was creeping on his stepdaughter Toyah. However once Les learned the truth, he completely accepted Greg. While Les did have some affection for his son ,he also decided to take full advantage and constantly asked Greg For money. Greg integrated with the community, getting a job at the factory owned by local businessman Mike Baldwin whilst at the same time also dating Maxine Peacock for a brief time. He later made a pass at Fiona Middleton. Fiona told Maxine but she thought Fiona was just jealous. Ultimately her relationship with Greg did end though.

Sally Webster had just inherited some money after her mother's death when Greg began dating her. It was obvious to everyone but Sally that Greg was using her. Greg took advantage of his job at the factory by stealing all of Mike's contacts to set up his own business and pressured Sally into helping him. Mike fought back and won the contracts back. Greg blamed Sally for this and laid a beating on her. Greg convinced Sally he would never do it again and she agreed to give him another chance. After Greg beat her for a second time Sally left Greg and took her two daughters to their friend Rita Sullivan. Consequently, Greg's actions caused basically everyone but Les to turn on him.

Blaming Sally for all his problems Greg broke into her house and held her family hostage. Sally's ex, Kevin, tried to come into save his family but was restrained by Mike. While Mike did resent both of the Websters, he didn't restrain Kevin out of a desire to see the Websters hurt, but in an attempt to keep Kevin from getting himself into trouble. The police then bursted in and arrested Greg for his crimes.



  • Stephen Billington (the actor who played Greg Kelly) won "Villain of the Year" at the 1999 British Soap Awards.