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"Come here, you!".
~ Greg's last words before he gets arrested following the exposure of his abusive ill-treatment towards ex-girlfriend Sally Webster.

Greg Kelly in a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street. He served as the show's secondary antagonist from 1998 to 1999.

In his introduction to the serial, Grey was the illegitimate long-lost son of Les Battersby. His storyline mainly revolved on forging a relationship with established character Sally Webster in order to secure his financial future, during which Grey's villainous streak emerged when he physically abused Sally at the time. Eventually his true nature was exposed and Gret was consequently arrested in the end.

The character was portrayed by Stephen Billington.



Greg Kelly was born in 1971; he was the result of a fling between his would-be mother Moira Kelly and her ex-lover Les Battersby, a petty crook who ended up becoming Greg's illegitimate father at that point.

For over two decades, Grey was raised by his mother as Les had left her at the time of their child's upringing. She did end up marrying her employer Harry Wood, who ended up helping Greg and this soon led Greg to believe that Harry was his father. As such, Greg seemed to be Harry's more favourite child than that of his two biological children - both of whom resented Greg for this reason. At somepoint, Moira died and thereafter Greg disclosed the truth about his missing father; he soon decided to reconcile with him by hiring a private investigator to track him down.

In 1998, Greg tracked down Les in Weatherfield near Manchester and went over there to visit him. They initially went off on a rough patch after Les wrongly thought Greg was creeping on his stepdaughter Toyah. However, once Les learned the truth, he completely accepted Greg. While Les did have some affection for his son, he also decided to take full advantage and constantly asked Greg for money.

Greg soon integrated with the community, getting a job at the Underworld factory owned by local businessman Mike Baldwin and managing to secure a business partnership with him around the same time. He also embarked on some relationships with salon owner Fiona Middleton and her friend Maxine Peacock, but it quickly turned out that he seemed more interested in Maxine and only made a pass at Fiona because she was her boss. In the end, both women realized what Greg was doing to them and they rejected him.

It was then Greg took an interest in fellow resident Sally Webster. They begun a romantic friendship that steadily developed after Sally's marriage with her husband, Kevin, ended in diaster over arguing the custody for their children Sally and Rosie respectively. Around the same time, Sally's mother Elsie Seddon had just passed away and Sally herself ended up inheriting £55,000 from the latter's will after her funeral. Greg soon learned about this and decided to use his relationship with Sally to secure his financial future. It was obvious to everyone but Sally that Greg was using her, though she continued to trust Greg when it became clear that her marriage with Kevin was apparently beyond repair.

To set his financial opportunity in motion, Greg frauduently stole Sally's inherited money to set up a business company for himself. He also conned Maxine and her husband Ashley out of their home to get back at her for refusing to take him back and in order to keep Sally from discovering his true nature. Soon enough, Greg planned to steal all of Mike's contacts to finalize the preparations for his business interests. He pressured Sally into helping him out; though she agreed in the end, this would be the start of Sally slowly realizing that Greg is not the perfect man who she thought to be in the end.

At first it seemed as though as Greg's plan against Mike was set to be accomplished, but Mike ended up disclosing his scheme and won the contracts back; he later fired Greg and sent him packing from the factory. Greg thereafter blamed Sally for his faliure when they had an argument about it, during which he hit Sally. She was horrified by what Greg had just done, but he convinced her that it was a one-off; she gave him another chance when he claimed that he would never do it again. However, the pair began having arguments on certain occasions - such as the case when Sally found out that Greg used to be a footballer but he was forced to abandon his potential career following an injury. Greg again hit Sally and soon began to physically abuse her from then onwards.

Eventually, Sally decided to leave Greg and took her two daughters to stay with their friend Rita Sullivan; she agreed to let them stay after recounting on the fact that her late ex-fiance, Alan Bradley, had nearly beaten her to death over his fraudulent activities in the past. Greg soon learned what Sally was doing and confronted her. He deamnded she stay with him, but Sally stood up to Greg and managed to escape after he tried to attack her again. Consequently, Greg's actions caused basically everyone but Les to turn on him.

In 1999, Greg was determined to get revenge on Sally after blaming her for him losing everything. He also planned to get payback on Mike and paid one of his contacts, Julia Stone, to seduce him in order to carry out an elaborate scheme - blackmail Mike into giving him a substantial amount of money, otherwise he would expose his adultery to his wife Alma. To take things further, Greg broke into Sally's home and held her along with her daughters hostage. He informed Mike about this and threatned to kill them unless the matter is resolved as Greg sees fit. Kevin soon discovered the situation and called the police. Greg refused to let Sally and her daughters go before attempting to kill her, but she knocked him out in the end; Greg was thereafter caught by the police when they broke in and arrested him just as Kevin and Sally reconcile.

Later on, Greg is remanded in custody for his crimes and sent to prison after being charged for assault and false imprisonment.



  • Stephen Billington (the actor who played Greg Kelly) won "Villain of the Year" at the 1999 British Soap Awards.
  • He made a total of 117 appearences during his time on the show.