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Gregory Swofford is an antagonist from the original G1 Transformers. He is a scarred, corrupt human scientist who holds a grudge to the Cybertronian race and serves as one of the main antagonists of the two-part season finale of Season 3, "The Return of Optimus Prime".


Like his partner Mark Morgan, Swofford was ultimately corrupt. Prior to the events of "The Return of Optimus Prime" set at sometime in either the first or second Season, Gregory Swofford was a young human scientist who encountered a fight between Optimus Prime and Megatron. Due to Megatron's interference, Gregory was injured and scarred during the fight and then holds a deep grudge towards the Cybertronian race, particularly Optimus whom he blames, after this encounter.

Years later, Gregory Swofford and Jessica Morgan were conducting tests on experiment heat-resisting alloy on a star, until they discovered an Autobot ship carrying the body of Optimus Prime. Despite his hate towards the Autobot leader, he helped Jessica after the latter convinced him to pull the ship away from the star, not before he kicked Optimus' arm, calling him a "lousy robot".

As they returned to Earth, Gregory noticed strange spores coating on their ship. Upon arriving on Earth, he and his colleague Mark Morgan, Jessica's father, discovered its hate inducing properties after testing it on two lab rats. Their experiment is cut short when the Decepticons attack their lab, injuring Jessica and crippling her. After she was taken to the hospital by Protectobot First Aid, Swofford and Morgan are driven by their hate of the Cybertronian race, inspiring Swofford an idea to use Optimus' body as a bait to the Autobots.

Swofford accompanied his colleague to the hospital to retrieve Jessica, who is now wearing mechanical prosthetics. Instead of being thankful to the Autobots, Dr. Morgan furiously blames them for turning her into "one of them" instead and brought her home with Swofford in the tow as well.

Upon failing to reactivate Optimus, Morgan and Swofford then decided to melt the Autobot leader's body in the furnace. Jessica, who is now allied with the Autobots, tearfully demanded him to stop, only for the latter to reveal he had already planned to use Prime's body as bait to lure the other Autobots into their trap: by unleashing the Hate Plague on them. The plague soon infected everything on its path as it infects not only Transformers but as well as humans and various lifeforms, and possibly including Swofford and Morgan as well off-screen.

After Optimus, revived by a friendly Quintesson, destroys the Hate Plague, Swofford was among the infected victims freed from the infection. For being the cause of the apocalypse, Swofford tried apologizing to Optimus but luckily, Galvatron, in a rare moment of calm, walked towards (as he pushed the two aside) and thanked Optimus for stopping the plague which allowed Optimus to refuse Swofford and Morgan's apology for good.

It is unknown what became of Swofford and Morgan but it is indicated they were imprisoned for their actions. It can be presumed at least Jessica broke up and admonished Swofford for ignoring her requests to stop hating the Autobots and causing so much destruction with his actions.


  • It is assumed that Jessica later breaks up with Swofford at the end of the part 2 episode as he ignored her words to forgive the Autobots and nearly destroyed civilization in the galaxy.
  • Alongside his colleague Mark Morgan, they are both very similar to James Savoy as they both hated the Cybertronian race regardless of faction for being the cause of their loved ones's suffering. Unlike both of them however, Savoy never redeems himself and both Morgan and Swofford themselves lacks yangire-like qualities that Savoy possesses.
  • Gregory Swofford and Mark Morgan are the most hated characters in the Transformers series as many find their reasoning for unleashing a virus that nearly destroyed all of civilization as we know it in the entire galaxy, including Earth, very petty. Many were also annoyed that the episode didn't mention if they were arrested or not. But thankfully, Prime refused their apology when Galvatron walked towards (as he pushed the two aside) and thanked him for curing all of the civilization.
  • Despite both being scientists, they seemed to dislike advanced technology.
  • Both Swofford and Morgan have done a lot of illegal science experiments as it was proved Morgan himself was going to dismiss Jessica's concern about getting rid of the plague (because both he and Swofford wanted to make a lot of money).
  • Swofford is considered to be the mastermind of the two-part episode because he was the one who was responsible for the crisis.
  • Swofford and Morgan are the second human antagonists that Optimus refused their apology in the end. The first was Shawn Berger.
  • Both are also the most corrupt scientists in the series.


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