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Greiger is a minor antagonist from the television Show Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds.

He was voiced by Keiji Hirai in the Japanese version, and by Sean Schemmel in the English version.


He was originally a duelist hired by Rex Goodwin to test the power of the signers during the Fortune Cup, but later became a Dark Signer when he found out that Rex Goodwin was the one who destroyed his home village. 

As a Dark Signer, Grieger wields the dark sign of the Whale. Greiger wields both a ground deck and a turbo deck. Both of Greiger's decks are Reactor decks. These decks wield Monster Reactor SK, Trap Reactor Y FI, and Spell Reactor RE, which can combine for form Flying Fortress SKY FIRE.

However, when Greiger became a Dark Signer, his turbo deck was similar, but had a few differences. An example is having the Dark Synchro monster; Dark Flattop, and his strongest monster; Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua.

Geoglyth & Patron God


  • Bommer's Shadow Mark is the Orca, a unique animal that originates from the sea as opposed to the Desert of Peru where Bommer hails and archeologists have been baffled as to where they would learn of such an animal, much less accurately re-create the image in the dry desert sand. Matter of fact, a soil test conducted in 2017 Orca Geoglyh is believed to be the eldest Geoglyth of them all on record and the fact that the Geoglyh has what has been coined a "trophy head" the small slab located adjacent below the Geoglyh could imply that it had greater religious significance than other Geogylths.
    • The Orca Geoglyth was disputed over which animal it represented until a four year period of restoration work and analysis confirmed it to be an Orca, eight years after Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds concluded.
  • Bommer was the first Dark Signer to appear to have his name changed in the English Dub of the anime. His name was likely changed as it sounds to similar to "Bomber".
  • Files shown during the Yliaster Saga imply that in the original timeline Bommer did not become a Dark Signer.
  • "Greiger" may not be his actual given name but his surname instead as it is in real-life a German origin surname that means "Fiddler". However it is not-uncommon for mothers to use their Surnames as given names for their children.
  • Bommer is the only participant in the Fortune Cup to retain a recurring role who was not a Signer, already affiliated with the Signers or became a Signer at a later point. Notably in this and the other case where a pre-established character who knew the Signers was turned into a Dark Signer (Rex Goodwin), were all done via murder, the act to purposely take a life.
  • Bommer is one of the two Dark Signers to reappear during the Yliaster Saga in a two parter the other being Kiryu. However these episodes were initially skipped in the English Dub release.
  • Flashbacks during the Dark Signers Saga show that Bommer came from a rural Peruvian village near meadows and hills however in the Yliaster Saga when his village is visited by Yusei and Jack it is shown to be in the desert. It is possible that said village is semi-nomadic or that they simply changed locations between sagas, perhaps in a desire to avoid being swallowed by the Earthbound Gods a second time or to keep a closer eye on the Geoglyths themselves.
    • However Bommer implies in the two-parter where Yusei and Jack visit that his village has been there for centuries, implying some sort of continuity error or a retcon. But a semi-nomadic style of living could still be plausible if for no other reason than to make it easier to survive in a desert with very little food or water so to speak, which is the reason for real-life nomadic tribes to travel frequently especially in desert areas.
  • Bomber & Carly are the only Dark Signers to both meet the Signers before their respective demise and to have their deaths be displayed on screen, all others were done in flashbacks.
  • The name "Chacu Challhua" may come from "Chuku Challwa", which is Quechua for Anchoveta, a type of Peruvian fish.
  • Chacu Challhua is based off of an Orca, a type of toothed whale that is closer to a dolphin than a fish, despite being a Fish type monster. This could be because ancient cultures were oblivious to the nature of Marine Mammals and often associated whales and dolphins to being fish, albeit quite special ones.
    • Chacu Challhua shares this trait with another high level Fish-type monster, White Aura Bihamut which is based off of Bahamut, and together they are tied with the highest level of any Fish-type monster despite neither being based off of actual Fish.
  • Bommer is the only Dark Signer that was defeated by a duelist that wasn't a Signer. However Crow did become a Signer after the fact so its possible that Crow had signer-like powers all along which could be pointed to the fact that he somehow avoided being consumed by the black fog that engulfed the Satellite when no one else did.
  • The dialogue and direction in the dub implies that Crow and Bommer were already familiar with each other while in the original they meet for the first time when they are about to duel, with Crow even saying "Nice to meet you", Crow likely knew who Bommer was via the news relating to the Fortune Cup.
  • Likewise his Earthbound God was the only utilized geoglyth that did not correspond to a place or object of importance in the Dark Signers Arc, thus he was the only one not defeated in at least the vicinity of it, and he dueled Crow in apparently a random location. All other Dark Signers guarded specific locations, the old ener-D reactor, the control towers and the Peruvian Shrine dedicated to the Crimson Dragon where the King of the Netherworld needed to go to in order to fully revive. This was because his recruitment apparently in order to hunt down the other signers who would be weakened after a long battle after the defeats Demak.


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