Gremlin (Marvel)
The Gremlin is a Marvel Comic villain, and an enemy of the Hulk.


Gremlin known only as the Gremlin is the son of a deceased Soviet scientist known as the Gargoyle. The Gremlin, as a result of his father's altered genetic structure, was a mutant inherited his father's grotesque appearance and genius-level intelligence. Accounts vary as to the exact age of the Gremlin, but it is known that he was not yet an adult at the time of his death. He was born in a secret Soviet hospital, and Soviet scientists, realizing he was a mutant, studied him for years. However, the Gremlin's intelligence was so great and he achieved emotional maturity at such an extraordinarily young age, that the Gremlin eventually achieved a position of great authority.

Among the Gremlin's many scientific achievements were the design of the armour worn by the Soviet Super-Troopers and the armour worn by the men called the Devastators, which drew tremendous power from an orbiting satellite, which they could then fire at their targets.
The Gremlin had an enormous secret base named Bitterfrost built beneath the arctic where he was testing the Soviet Super-Trooper armour when the wandering monster Hulk was pursued into the area by the United States Air Force. Believing that the Hulk had killed his father, the Gremlin sought revenge.
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