Gressil (Ghost Rider)

Gressil the Demon of Earth or the Earth Demon.

Not so tough.
~ Gressil after flattening Ghost Rider with a truck.

Gressil also called the Demon of Earth or Earth Demon, is a headstrong, powerful earth demon and a minor villain in the live action movie Ghost Rider. He's one of the demonic angels called the Hidden that team up with Blackheart to find the Contract of San Vangansa.


When Blackheart came to Earth to find the Contract of San Vangansa, he encountered three demons. One of them being Gressil the Demon of Earth. He teams up with him to learn the location of the Contract.

When Ghost Rider first encountered them, Gressil grabs a truck and runs over Ghost Rider. Thinking that Ghost Rider was dead, Gressil let his guard down. This caused him to be the first demon to get killed by Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider threw his chain around him, causing him to burn and turn into charcoal.


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