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Welcome to my castle. I am Greta Von Gruesome. Cruel ruler of Zuchania, scourge of Bumblyburg, stealer of yodelers, and snappy dresser.
~ Greta Von Gruesome introducing herself.

Greta Von Gruesome, also known as The Yodelnapper, is one of the main antagonists in the animated series LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures. She is a German (though she says she heralds from the land of Zuchinia) zucchini cyboric warlord with fingers that have an ability to shoot electric sparks. She was formerly a tele-marketer (though she may have been joking). She also has a huge collection of Hula Dolls. She appeared in both the episodes and the books of "The Yodelnapper" and "The Good, the Bad, and the Eggly". She is currently in jail with Awful Alvin and his fake sidekick named Lampy. She is also one of LarryBoy's dangerous enemies that he must face.

She was voiced by Shari Belgeau.


The origins of Greta Von Gruesome are shrouded in mystery, obscured by controversy, and blocked from view by a water buffalo with a bad attitude. It is rumored that she began her life of crime by stealing lollipops in the back streets of Finsterminster. The closest evidence of her past is that she was inherited the wealth of her uncle, including his castle. Although she is extremely wealthy, she bought anything that she just wanted. However, when buying did not seem fun for her, she turned to stealing. This was the start of her villain career, because greed revolved around the choices that she made. She looks to attain happiness, but her greedy nature is not doing her favors; and yet, she keeps feeding into her greed.

She first bought every Hula Heidi doll from the toy store known as Mr. Snappy's Extremely Gigantic Toy Emporium as she is a fan of the line, and to create an army of Hula Heidi dolls. Greta also kidnapped, or "yodelnapped" Einger Warblethroat along with the other four famous yodelers as part of her collection.

She later teamed up with Awful Alvin and Lampy.


As her surname implies, Greta has a gruesome personality. She is an oppressive, egotistical, power-hungry and manipulative tyrant who does not take foolishness that much. One of her cruelest plans is when she infrequently kidnaps yodelers for her personal gain. She is also very cunning, ruthless and treacherous.


  • According to Tom Brancroft, she is somewhat mix on an opera singer and Doctor Doom from the Fantastic Four series.
    • He also stated that she was a zucchini from the start, then a grape before they stick with her final design.
  • She is the second antagonist in Larryboy: The Cartoon Adventures who is a female, the first being Mother Pearl.


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