Gretchen Benjamin

Gretchen Benjamin is the main villainess from "Fairy Tales & Frozen Truths," episode 2.18 of Rosewood.

She was played by Ellen Wroe.

Gretchen Benjamin was the cousin of murder victim Ashley Morrison, who was raised by her aunt (Gretchen's mother), Paula, after the death of Ashley's parents. It was revealed that Gretchen had murdered Ashley, attempting to lock her in a freezer, but then bludgeoning her when she tried to escape and fight back. After killing Ashley, Gretchen targeted her own mother, Paula, poisoning her soup with a plant pesticide, which made Paula ill.

Gretchen's motive was to move up the ladder and inherit Ashley's trust fund, though in her villainous reveal, she also harbored jealousy of Ashley. During her confrontation with Rosewood and Villa, Gretchen accused Paula of favoring and loving Ashley over her. Paula would have inherited the fund in the event of Ashley's death, and that and her hidden hostilities prompted Gretchen's attempt on her mother. Gretchen was later arrested for killing Ashley and attempting to kill Paula.