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Grey is a general of the Vyram and a major antagonist in Choujin Sentai Jetman. He is the personal rival of Gai Yuki/Black Condor.

He was voiced and portrayed in-suit by Hideaki Kusaka, who was a recurring suit actor for Super Sentai villains and also voiced Guardnoid Gash in Choujuu Sentai Liveman.


Arrive with other Vyram

Grey alongside with other Vyram general arrive at the year of 1990, the same day as the military finally found other candidates for "Project" J. Radiguet announce their purpose for conquer all the lives in universe,while other members including Grey was listen to him.

Meeting with Gay Yuki

In Episode 50, "Battles to the Death", Grey challenges Gai to an one-on-one battle.


Initially, Grey is presented as a cold and harsh robot similar to Guardnoid Gash from Choujuu Sentai Liveman, though unlike Gash, Grey showed to be fond of beautiful women, wine, smoking cigars and classical music, somthing that an ordinary robot could hardly understand. Here, he shows a common with his rival, Gai Yuki. He is also presented as the calmest and most calculated member of Vyram, hardly ever showing a fit of rage. Even when he was utterly furious, he only showed tranquil rage.

In the later story of Jetman series, Grey becomes the most honorable member of Vyram. He hardly teased others for their failure (only mocking Tran since he found his childish behavior as an annoying and insulting mockery). He is also shown to be protective towards Maria, who became his love interest once he heard her playing piano. Once he discovered that Radiguet transformed Maria into a beast, he was so disgusted that he betrayed Radiguet in order to save Maria.

After the death of Maria, Grey lost his loved one and decided to fight Yuki Gai, his rival, in his final fight since he had nothing else to live for. He also showed no regret over his death after being defeated by Gai, even asking for a cigar, which Gai - who had developed a respect to him - complied. As a result, Grey is ironically the only Vyram general who eventually understood human emotions.


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