Gribble 1

Harold and Matron Gribble in series 1.

The Gribbles are an antagonistic family in the Australian series Round the Twist.

The Family

Harold Gribble

Round The Twist The Gribble Boys (Series 4)

The Gribble Gang in series 3-4

Harold is a greedy real-estate agent who is constantly planning to swindle people into selling their land so he can build his own properties on them. Basically, he is the Australian version of Donald Trump.

He has his sights set on the lighthouse that the Twist family reside in, but the Twists refuse to sell it to him as its the home of several wandering spirits. In Series 2, he tries running for the senate, but is beaten by Nell, the caretaker of the lighthouse.

Matron Gribble

Matron Gribble is Harold's wife. She is domineering, materialistic, a social climber and an all-round unpleasant woman. While Harold has a more passive-aggressive approach towards people, Matron is an out-and-proud elitist, frequently belittling anyone she sees as beneath herself.

Gribble gang 2

The Gribble Gang in series 2.

James "Gribbs" Gribble

Gribbs is the school bully. He is the leader and the brains of his gang which consists of Tiger and Rabbit. Gribbs and his gang frequently antagonise the Twist kids, but always wind up being humiliated in the end due to the Twists befriending various supernatural forces. They are frequently the muscle for Harold's various schemes.

Gribbs has a crush on Fiona, which makes him the arch-enemy of Pete Twist, though the idealistic Linda and resourceful Bronson are usually the ones who thwart his schemes in the end. Usually in each series finale, Gribbs, Rabbit and Tiger are forced to team up with the Twist kids in order to stop the impending cataclysm that has been building up to that point, implying that their animosity isn't as personal as it seems.

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