Grid is an Xenomorph that appeared in Alien vs. Predator as the secondary antagonist. It, along with its siblings, is loyal to the Xenomorph Queen.


Grid first appears during the first true struggle between the Predators and the humans, sneaking in and stealthy killing Chopper while the two distracted. Grid impales Chopper and kills him with a head bite before he finish of Alexa Woods. Hearing his brother die, Celtic turned around, dropped his own human opponent, and charged at Grid.

Grid jumps on him and they fight viciously to the death, the Alien using its cunning, speed, and acid to get the upper hand. During the battle Celtic cuts off the blade of Grid's tail and trapps him inside a constricting net, which tightens around and cuts into him, giving him grid-like scars on his head and shoulders; his namesake. However, Grid was able to pin Celtic to the ground and kill him by biting into his skull.


Grid coming at the call of its Queen

Later it attacked Sebastian De Rosa and took him away to be impregnated with an Xenomorph embryo while the former tried to help Lex, who dangled precariously from a broken bridge.

It then stalked Scar, who was going to take his weapon from Alexa Woods. Grid and his Xenomorph siblings were spotted by Scar, who started shooting at them. The Queen called for the Grid and the others, who came and freed her from the chains that bound her. It chased Alexa and Scar, but Scar blew up the pyramid they were in, killing Grid and his siblings, while Scar and Alexa got out.


For a Xenomorph, Grid was cunning and is not simply following it's instinct blindly unlike typical instinctive creatures or the rest of brethren except the Queen.



  • There is a skin for Grid in the Alien vs Predator videogame. But in this case, he is called Nethead. The skin can be unlocked when players reach rank 34.
  • Grid, The Queen, the Predalien, and Specimen 6 are the only Xenomorphs to kill a Predator on screen.
    • Like Specimen 6, Grid also somewhat emotional compared with their siblings (Grid was very angry when his siblings ended up getting shot by Scar whiles Specimen 6 suffer the mental breakdown where she crying in agony when Matriarch Queen died within the blast).
  • It is shown to be stronger than the other Xenomorphs in the film because he single-handedly killed two Predators.
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